The classroom lighting why use LED eye lamp

by:Mylight     2020-12-11
With the continuous development of era, the role of leds in the field of school classroom becomes more and more heavy. LED lights to replace the traditional lamps and lanterns, well into our daily lives. LED lamp is a good indoor lamps and lanterns, its light source is higher, the light is more soft, no glare, green environmental protection, its beautiful appearance is concise, with the role of environmental regulation, let everybody have a more comfortable environment. Use LED lights in the classroom at school is not only environmental protection, and has the characteristics of long service life and no electromagnetic interference, very suitable for use in the high school classroom to environmental requirement. In fact, the function of the LED lamp has a lot of, change the way a lot of kinds, also it is not only no radiation and glare, and can protect vision, smooth color more moderate. Such as the LED light source is using high-tech materials, it is not easy to damage, adapt to the environment are particularly strong ability. Although LED lights look technology content is not particularly high, but it can be very good to meet customer demand for effect, let everybody have a new definition to the classroom. At present, the classroom of primary and secondary schools are widespread low intensity of illumination, uneven illumination, glare and stroboscopic, refers to such problems as too low, blu-ray harm, it has become an important cause to influence students' vision health. Therefore, more classroom began to choose LED lights and LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom can effectively protect the students' vision health. Led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom for the color temperature, glare, blu-ray, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, the whole lamp RG0 classroom use special armor blue lights; Ra> 95, high color reducibility; Glare value & lt; 16, really achieve anti glare; Color temperature is 5000 k, the whole classroom illumination uniformity, avoid bad led lighting vision health for adolescents, effectively prevent myopia! Above is the 'the classroom why use LED eye lamp? 'In detail, the hope will be helpful to you!
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