The classroom lighting transform how to design more eye

by:Mylight     2020-12-11
Adolescent myopia is very serious in our country, one can see that most of the students in his class are all wear glasses. This caused the country attaches great importance to. The classroom is the main place to students' learning, constitutes the artificial environment of students' learning. With the improvement of teaching environment, the development of technology, daylighting is low standard has become the classroom requirements, further considering the index of eyesight protection, energy conservation and environmental protection. To provide students with professional learning environment, put forward higher requirements for the modification of the classroom. The retrofit design of the classroom need to follow the rules of what? ( 1) Ordinary classroom desks layout is regular arrangement, the classroom is usually by the desk of the general and on the blackboard. Design with the method of distribute uniformly on the ceiling lamp, in order to ensure the students concentrate, the brightness of the desktop and the blackboard to uniform. To reduce glare and reflection area, LED lamp appropriate eye classroom longitudinal arrangement, and perpendicular to the blackboard. Lamps and lanterns decorate over vertical blackboard, desks, channel, make the desk form two sides to light, effect is better. ( 2) Common classroom ceiling height is 2. 8 ~ 3. 0 m, LED the classroom that shield an eye lamp installation height on effect has a certain influence. When LED eye the classroom led lighting installation height increases, the intensity of illumination decreased; Installation height is reduced, glare effects increase, evenness declined. Common LED eye lamp is apart from the classroom to the appropriate installation height of 2. 5 ~ 2. 9 m, away from the desk lamps and lanterns should be 1. 7 ~ 2. 1m。 ( 3) Outside the classroom control, should be parallel to the direction order Settings window switch ( The blackboard switch should be individually in) A projection screen, near the projection screen should be able to shut down. Above is the 'classroom reform is how to design more eye' detailed introduction, hope to help you!
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