The classroom lighting energy saving reconstruction of classroom lighting design

by:Mylight     2020-11-30
The classroom led lighting design is a key part of the school classroom. The quality of the classroom is not only the energy conservation and environmental protection, but also on students' vision, memory, attention, etc have important influence. Then the energy-saving reform of the classroom lighting design how to do? A, the determination of the choice of light source and lamps light source is classified according to their luminescent material, can be divided into solid light emitting light and gas discharge light emitting light two kinds big. Of solid shine light source commonly used incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamp and so on, the gas discharge light source commonly used fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and so on. One of the biggest fluorescent lamp is the most widely used, the dosage of gas discharge light source, it has a simple structure, high photosynthetic efficiency, soft light, long service life, etc. It is the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp 4 - 5 times, life is a 3 - incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp Eight times, it is high efficiency and energy saving light source. Second, the number of lamps and lanterns and the related intensity of illumination calculation in the design generally based on intensity of illumination calculation formula to determine the need to decorate the number of lamps and lanterns in the classroom. Below we through a specific example to elaborate. Long, for example, the size of the regular classroom to 8000 x 8000 x 3600 wide, first of all, we should determine the classroom need to meet the average illuminance value, in standard > < architecture design GB50034 - 2004 the classroom ( Based on desk surface reference height) The intensity of illumination standard of 300 lx. At the same time according to the requirements of energy saving lamps and lanterns of the maximum allowable distance ratio is 1. 1 - 1. 5. The distance ratio of lamps and lanterns is refers to the layout spacing of lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns hanging high, The vertical distance between the lamps and lanterns and face) Ratio, the smaller the ratio, the intensity of illumination uniformity, the better, the bigger the ratio, intensity of illumination uniformity could not guaranteed. One way (L/H Ratio) = 0. 7, 2 (L/H Ratio) = 0. 95, although the plan one or two from height ratio are less than the maximum permissible distance ratio of lamps and lanterns, two kinds of cloth lamp solutions can be adopted, but obviously a ( Using single tube fluorescent lamp) Than the second scheme ( Adopt double fluorescent lamp) The intensity of illumination uniformity is better. We do not recommend using three tube, because the arrangement of the three pipe usually do not meet the requirements of intensity of illumination evenness. Three, the determination of power density value and the relevant calculation scheme in the completion of the above two jobs, we need according to the architectural design standard GB50034 - 2004 power density values computed in the classroom and whether meet the energy-saving evaluation index. Four, classroom glare restrictions we according to the above method to complete the selection and arrangement of lamps and lanterns, there is also a very important aspect is glare restrictions. If the brightness of lamps and lanterns, Windows, or other area is much taller than the brightness of the general indoor environment, people will feel the glare. Can produce discomfort glare, serious still can damage the visual effect, so to avoid glare interference in the design of classroom is very important. In order to avoid reflected glare, our classroom usually adopt the following measures: 1) Choose lamps and lanterns with bat wing type intensity distribution characteristics, and generally have larger shading Angle, light output diffusivity, cloth lamp spacing is large, uniform illumination, can effectively limit the glare and light curtain reflection. 2) With low brightness, diffuse or half mirror mask ( Lattice or grille) Class of lamps and lanterns. 3) Surface should be in the classroom USES light color to decorate, appropriate USES lacklustre material, in order to reduce the influence of reflection.
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