The blackboard lamp lighting in education: what kind of role

by:Mylight     2020-11-25
In the process of new or upgraded, many schools often told by designers, in addition to the classroom, you should also install the blackboard lights in the classroom. So the question is, the blackboard lamp not the classroom light? What is the difference between the two? If the lamp, don't put the blackboard Lantern Festival? In a sense, the blackboard lamp light is a kind of classroom, but when it is applied in the classroom, the classroom light illuminates the students are the main functions of the desktop, make the students have a good environment for reading and writing. Is the main purpose of the blackboard lamp illuminated area of the blackboard, the teacher can be smoothly the blackboard writing, so that the students can see the words on the blackboard clearly. Classroom led lighting is common in the classroom, has the following characteristics: 1, power grid anti-glare; 2, high display; 3, professional eye protection; 4, energy saving; 5, long service life; 6, green environmental protection. These characteristics meet the needs of the class, well offers students a professional environment. The design of lamps and lanterns in the classroom, the classroom of the lamp should be uniform longitudinal arrangement, the vertical distance between the lamp and the table should not be less than 1. 7 meters, that is to say, the classroom of the lamp installation should refer to the height of the desk. Usually in the middle and primary school desk height of 70 cm, kindergarten desk height is in commonly 50 cm. The blackboard lamp design scheme is different from the classroom of the lamp design. The lights should be a kind of asymmetric light distribution characteristics of special blackboard lamp. The blackboard lamp should be installed parallel to the blackboard, parallel from the blackboard 0. 7 m - 1. Yuan 0 0 m, the vertical distance from the blackboard. 1m- 0. 2m。 The blackboard lamp control Angle to adjust and avoid direct glare of teachers. According to the characteristics of the plate lamp, education designed a professional plate lamp. 1. The blackboard lamp is designed for the school board lamp designed a special Angle of asymmetry professional lamp, with high brightness LED lamp bead, high display means, high brightness; 2. The blackboard lamp high uniformity, good softness, text to visual effect is good, without UGR; 3. Using linear LED module article as light source, easy to change. The above is the 'blackboard light play what role in education' in detail, hope to help you!
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