The application of the LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye in the middle and primary school classroom

by:Mylight     2021-02-10
Adolescent myopia more serious in our country, therefore has attracted the attention of a great nation, with the rapid economic development of our country in recent years, the investment in basic education has been increased, and myopia is the comprehensive effect of various factors, such as bad habits with the eye, small and medium-sized campus unhealthy light environment, etc. 1. The problem of our country middle and primary school classroom at present, our country most of the middle and primary school classroom, are using fluorescent tube as a source, or directly use 'lamp holder ( Including electrical parts) + exposure lamp 'method, or use the lamps and lanterns, Grille lamp plate/with) + fluorescent tube light source 'approach, to complete the root of the classroom and blackboard. Most of this form exist the following problems: 1) Desk illumination throughout. According to the six regions in China, 99 campus construction survey of the classroom between the measured intensity of illumination majority in the 200 lx and 300 lx, uniform illumination for 232 lx, actual illumination intensity of illumination and planning are low. 2) The blackboard uniformity is poor. Commonly used fluorescent tube ( Or with a reflector) As the blackboard lamp use, form the top of the blackboard is too light, so that students could not tell the clear blackboard upper white FenBiZi blackboard writing, and lower part is too dark, intensity of illumination is insufficient, students can't read write content. 3) Glare obvious irritate eyes. Generally use lamp holder + fluorescent tube method, classroom light source is exposed, students can directly see the eyes by stimulation, after using the grille lamp plate must be improved, but still can't completely prevent. Blackboard lights such as direct use fluorescent tube, the influence of the students and teachers could get its glare, affect learning power, as a reflector method, can make the students to prevent glare, and teachers being glare stimulation will be intensified. 4) High color WenYi cause visual exhaustion. At present there are still many classroom use of high temperature of 6500 k fluorescent tube. Studies indicate that high temperature can make the person focused attention, progress vigilance, but long time high color WenYi cause visual exhaustion, and tired mind, so the effect of long memory and Clinton, even can lead to heart negative emotions such as anxiety, disgust. 2. LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye intelligent system using 1) Three-dimensional LED the blackboard light disc each lamp plate total luminous flux for 3000 lm, at 0. 75 m horizontal plane ( The desk surface height) 7. 0m X5. M student desk surface area, intensity of illumination keep value ( Maintenance coefficient 0. 8) For 336 lx, intensity of illumination uniformity can be 0. 82. Add the side light and back light stereo leds offer in adding the homogeneous degree of the three dimensional space, falling space glare effect has outstanding performance. 2) Through simulation analysis, the three-dimensional LED the blackboard light dish outstanding in terms of adding three-dimensional space uniformity. On this basis to develop detailed LED lamps and lanterns, LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye with intelligent control system, composed of LED intelligent system, and imitating the scene test device corresponding to the classroom. When the system to adjust to the normal teaching mode, the blackboard lamp that shield an eye light with LED the main light plate, color temperature adjustment to 4000 k. And scenario simulation it is concluded that the value of the match, the LED board light intelligent system can satisfy the classroom all standard requirements of illumination and uniformity. Primary and middle school campus as a student for a long time place for living, learning, healthy light environment for small and medium-sized students thrive plays a positive role in promoting. Let's accurate light distribution planning, balanced product planning and intelligent LED system planning, completed the classroom quality improvement. Practical use in some pilot in the classroom and test verification, indeed the author planning LED the blackboard light intelligent system for teaching quality, visual feeling between teachers and students, students are improved memory function, lowering energy consumption, etc.
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