The advantages of LED lighting factory workshop, and how to choose

by:Mylight     2021-02-13
According to related survey found that most of the factory workshop of power consumption accounts for the greater part of the total power consumption, so it is very important for the modification of the workshop, and in order to response to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, so it is urgent to reform also, so what should choose what kind of lamps and lanterns? Energy-saving reconstruct manufacturers recommend LED mining lamp for you! The advantages of the industrial and mining lamp 1 ', 'the factory workshop. The light is downy, high brightness, 60 & deg; 90度; 120度; The beam Angle is optional. Meet the needs of different height of workshop. 2. Greater exposure area, meet the requirements of large factories, the same plant area can reduce the number of lamps and lanterns is installed, reduce installation costs, electrical equipment traveler, maintenance costs. 3. Low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation design of structure design, temperature not more than 40 ℃, and the life of the LED. 4. Reliable source of constant current drive circuit, ensure the stability of LED work, also provide convenient for LED energy consumption control. 5. High protection grade, better in plant under the harsh environment to work normally. 6. Can be used in a boom, half hook installation, and whole hook convenient installation, simple maintenance. 7. Green environmental protection no pollution, do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment. '' how to choose and buy high quality LED mining lamp 1) The distance ratio of lamps and lanterns in order to ensure the uniformity of the workshop, shall be installed according to the distance ratio to determine the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of vertical height and horizontal position. Choosing lamps and lanterns, should be determined according to the number of the area of the workshop and cloth lamp appropriate spacing ratio. Especially want to consider within the workshop is equipped with large machine tool equipment, equipment the covering film and effects of the ground illumination uniformity, choose the lamps and lanterns of small spacing ratio appropriate can avoid this problem. 2) Point light intensity under the light of lamps and lanterns should consider the lamps and lanterns light point of light intensity of illumination should meet the requirements of workshop main working face illumination. Methods 24, see how to use the lamps and lanterns of choose office? Article 3. 3) Choose the lamps and lanterns of protection Angle of more than 300 to avoid the direct glare. 4) Used for the lamps and lanterns of fine processing or textile processing workshops, the color rendering index should be not less than 80, lamps and lanterns can not less than 60 for rough machining workshop. 5) As workshop space is higher, more powerful use specular metal halide lamp, should check the lamps and lanterns of illuminance value about the safety of ultraviolet radiation, application in below safe illuminance value will not produce ultraviolet damage. Choose the lamps and lanterns of a transparent glass or plastic cover can effectively avoid the ultraviolet radiation. In the process of transformation, can use the LED mining lamp and the way of the combination of leds, where high configuration LED mining lamp, part of the configuration LEDt8 tubes, such collocation, can not only achieve the demand, and can be very good to reduce costs!
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