The advantage of urban public lighting adopts the model of contract energy

by:Mylight     2021-02-18
How to implement efficient city work? Under the existing management system can efficiently urban energy saving renovation? This is a problem worthy to be discussed. Most of the city public system belongs to the municipal utilities industry, has the nature of the public welfare undertakings, mainly featuring directed by the government. From construction to operation, and maintenance costs are borne by the government finance, the single financing channel and facilities update ability is weak, low operation efficiency, etc. EMC contract energy management mode, can effectively solve the problem of energy-saving reform of the urban capital requirements. National standardization management committee officially released for this 'general rules of contract energy management technology' ( GB / T24915 - 2010). 。 EMC contract energy management mode is made up of service companies and the government signed a service contract of energy conservation, energy audit, feasibility study, project design, project financing, equipment, engineering construction, personnel training, energy monitoring, the operation, maintenance and management services for the system, in a certain period of cooperation, the two sides share energy-saving projects according to certain proportion of energy-saving benefit of a business model. EMC contract energy management mode can effectively solve the marketization of urban management system and the existing problems of contradictions. City energy conservation transformation under the existing monopoly system, financing channels, enthusiasm is not high, abuses there for all to see, can't meet the needs of the development of urbanization. Completely marketization is not viable. Tell from the nature, after all, city public commonweal and affinities. The main body of market is the enterprise, manage city public just means, investment profit is the goal. And the government's investment behavior is a tool for public, provides the high quality of public purpose. Only the two together, to achieve the goals of the government to ensure the high quality public, by implementing the government's target and profit, achieve a win-win situation. Otherwise, it will appear in kunming street lamp marketization reform of teaching. EMC advantages can be summarized as: the government in zero investment, zero risk, zero waste, high benefit under the guarantee to carry out the energy conservation projects; The government need not invest a penny, energy-saving benefit can be guaranteed to enjoy; Saving energy costs to pay for the investment of enterprise energy saving project cost; To evade the government energy conservation project funding risk, quality risk, security risk, project to participate in the enterprise to property mortgage commitments of energy-saving benefit to ensure that the project; The government long-term energy saving benefit of project as project involved in the enterprise's legal responsibility. Government waste of energy, into zero investment in new technology and new equipment; Investment in waste of energy, energy saving transformation; Participate in the enterprise with new technology and new equipment in exchange for a government waste energy, waste to treasure, to win more. Energy-saving reform under the condition of insufficient funds in the government, are available to participate in the enterprise funds to complete the energy-saving renovation project. To eliminate the government's pressure on energy saving investment and energy saving effect of worry. In addition to direct energy-saving benefit of project, new technology and new equipment also can reduce maintenance costs, reduce spending. The Chinese government in order to promote the development of China's energy-saving cause, in the policy guide and financial support to do a lot of work. At present, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly registered for EMC contract energy management mode with as many as thousands of the energy conservation service company, is the main force of China's energy-saving cause; China energy conservation association's national green education demonstration base project, across the country set up the green energy-saving demonstration pilot project. These enterprises and projects, the urban public management system reform of energy-saving reform has provided a broad cooperation and common platform and using for reference. Reasonable planning of urban public, improve quality, using new technology to reduce the energy consumption of lamps and lanterns, the EMC contract energy management mode is to change the present situation of urban public, implementation of energy-saving reform of the city and effective way.
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