Supermarket to live fresh lighting should choose what kind of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2020-11-27
Many fruit store in order to attract customers, in broad daylight and the lamp is opened entirely, according to the very bright, to clients are also a lot of choose and buy, fly in the ointment is although stores light is very bright, light, light fruit color is pale, not bright. Pears looked like a long lost moisture, why the fruit under the bright lights shine jun appear dead no energy? Secret is fruit stores decorate led lighting. Actually fruit store fresh supermarket led lighting design is not preferred for brightness. These special places in must be considered when selecting led lighting lighting is primary color is the color rendering. Just as its name implies is to restore original color object, make more red, green, red, green color is more bright. The fruit store to choose is a common energy-saving lamps, light foot but color is very poor, not to restore the object color effect. Can choose the supermarket dedicated LED fresh light, what are the advantages? - Excellent titian reducing capacity, especially suitable for light red objects, such as tomatoes, oranges, meat, bread, etc. - Excellent color stability and consistency, to improve and maintain the whole image of the shop. - Comfortable warmth of the family atmosphere, give your customers feel at home: color temperature 2500 k. Supermarket to live fresh area, fruit shop, fresh stores must remember when lighting techniques, the optimum effect of light use. Business super fresh area see fruits and vegetables in the light, color is very bright, but it is these lights to shorten the freshness of fruits and vegetables. So choose a high quality of the supermarket to live fresh lamp is very important, now it is recommended to use the LED supermarket to live fresh special lamp, under the irradiation of fresh raw LED lamp, fruits and vegetables color more appealing. And after several hours of exposure, fruits and vegetables surface without warm, bright lights and LED surface temperature is low.
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