Solar street lamps use different effect of different scenarios

by:Mylight     2021-01-05
Solar street lamps use scenario how to directly affect the use effect and use of the solar street light length, so consumer is when the choose and buy solar street light, will be according to the usage scenario light conditions to choose how much battery capacity of solar street light. Solar street lamps used in the sun's ultraviolet intensity ( How the usually speak local sunshine) 。 Uv intensity mainly affects how much solar cells absorb the solar energy, solar panels is directly related to the daily output. Such as yunnan and solar ultraviolet radiation intensity in heilongjiang province are very different. Local time is a few hours of sunlight every day. Is the effective of sunlight every day, this is directly related to solar panels to recharge batteries every day how much electricity. The national average sunshine time is 3. 5 hours. Such as yunnan illumination time is longer than heilongjiang many. Solar street lamps use local average continuous wet weather is a few days. In order to design the solar street light for a few days continuous wet weather can still be used normally. That is in accounting solar street light configuration, to consider the local rainy weather, to ensure normal use of solar energy street light rainy weather. Such as jiangsu ShuYang wet weather is 5 days, solar street light, it will ensure that 5 days rainy weather can still be normal. The local temperature all the year round. The main influence on the discharge conditions and use of solar energy street light energy storage battery life. The cold storage battery discharge is less, such as battery will match the larger, in northeast China so as to ensure the service life of the solar street light. Normal winter in the north of battery discharge can only reach 70% of the summer, battery if long kui electricity use, life will be shorten a lot. Solar street lamps led lighting design for several meters. Light pole, the higher the solar street lamps, light source, the farther the distance from the ground, so the higher to the requirement the brightness of the light source, high brightness the power consumption will be more, so the street light configuration will increase as a whole. Every time, it is a few hours every night. The longer, the more electricity, solar panels and batteries in the configuration. Eight hours a day, such as configuration is high configuration than six hours a day. Solar street lamp installation location of the surrounding environment, if the surrounding trees is more, housing is higher, there will be a period of time every day keep out solar panels, the configuration will be increased. The so-called adjust measures to local conditions, different scenarios, using different ways in the places where light is scarce, it is recommended to use the LED street lamp, thus avoiding the lamp cannot be used properly due to inadequate illumination time.
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