Solar street lamps and comparison of the characteristics of the power supply lamps

by:Mylight     2021-01-05
In the past, rural infrastructure is far from the city, on the one hand, because of the rural power grid infrastructure is imperfect, the transformer load is not high in the village of electricity load, there are many families at that time still use kerosene lamps, even in this case, rural electricity is not stable, power failure is often the case. Second construction street lamps need long laid lines, then for rural is not reality. Rural various facilities have improved significantly over the years, with the pace of reform of rural power grids to accelerate and some high-tech products into the countryside, make rural and today is a far cry from yesterday! Take the above case in the countryside, now in the evening even remote path every few meters will have corresponding street light, some of these lamps using mains, some use photovoltaic power generation, with them, the night light, great convenience for people to travel at night. These two kinds of street light, applied in the countryside is more, what kind of a more populist comparison? First, from the Angle of installation. Grid lamps need laid a long cable, install complex, and photovoltaic street light, convenient installation, do not need to lay a long cable, every solar street light is an independent power generation system, only need to do a cement base, screwed to live. Second, from a cost point of view. Grid lamp early into the relative department provided by street lamp of photovoltaic power generation system, belongs to the one-time investment, no maintenance costs, recycling investment cost in the last three years. Third, from the Angle of maintenance. Solar street lamps driven by including LED light source is low, but consumes fixed amount every day, accumulate over a long period is not a small number of electricity charge, and early photovoltaic street lamp installation cost is high, but once the installation is completed, will no longer produce electricity charge, full, solar panels, battery, battery, solar street light incubator controller and other components, including battery this part of the easy problems, every 1 - 2 years output will require maintenance and replacement, maintenance costs, because laid a long cable for the mains street lamp, also need regular maintenance for lines and other configuration, maintenance cost is a cost. Four, from the street lamp safety. Complex grid lamp lines, cable laying in the ground, material aging, also may wait and hydropower pipeline conflict has certain security hidden danger, and photovoltaic street lamp this aspect is relatively good, is very low products, relatively safe and reliable operation. Anyways, what kind of street lamp works or combination of installation to environment, such as the installation of the illumination condition is very poor, every year or is attached to the rain for a while, then certainly cannot install solar street lamp, but you can choose two kinds of power-supply modes, solar energy and electrical energy combined type street light!
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