School lighting light source and the choice of lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2020-12-18
1. Light rare earth tricolor phosphor powder is recommended for the classroom of the straight tube fluorescent lamps, has a good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, easy to meet the color rendering, illumination level and energy conservation requirements. Regular classroom available T8 ZhiGuanXing fluorescent lamp, conditional can use T5 straight tube fluorescent lamp, improve quality, more environmentally friendly, and satisfies the requirement of energy conservation. 2. Lamps and lanterns choice ( 1) Should not be regular classroom use direct lamps and lanterns and cassette fluorescent lamps without cover, appropriate chooses a certain protection Angle, the efficiency of no less than 75% open match according to the type of lamps and lanterns. ( 2) Requirements or conditions of the classroom can be used with grating ( G) Or with diffuse cover type lamps and lanterns, the efficiency of lamps and lanterns should not be lower than 60%. ( 3) With bat wing type lamps and lanterns of light intensity distribution of light intensity distribution as shown in figure 1, tend to have larger shielding Angle, light output diffusivity, cloth lamp spacing is large, uniform illumination, can effectively limit the glare and light curtain reflection, is conducive to improve the classroom quality and energy saving. Figure 2 shows a bat wing type lamps and lanterns, light intensity distribution characteristics compared with the performance of lamps and lanterns of cosine intensity distribution. The former than the latter reduces the light curtain reflection and glare OuDeGuang intensity distribution area, reduces glare, especially the interference of light reflection; Increases the effective OuDeGuang intensity distribution, make the output light of lamps and lanterns of effective utilization rate is greatly increased.
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