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by:Mylight     2020-12-19
According to the Ministry of Education and health development planning commission survey, nearly six hundred million myopia patients in our country, juvenile myopia is areas, the national primary malvision is 28%, 60% junior high school students, high school students was 85%, 90% college students. According to the centers for disease control and prevention survey found that in addition to the genetic and posture, bad environment of the classroom students is the leading cause of vision loss. The lamps and lanterns and the limit of the manufacturing technology level, the current classroom stroboscope and the low intensity of illumination. Stroboscopic namely fluorescent lamp will be second 50 hz flicker, lead to the pupil sphincter kept a close, make the eyes appear acidity, symptoms such as pain, easy cause eyestrain, for a long time to form myopia. In addition, dazzle light, blue light, ballast produces sound, mercury pollution, etc. Will the varying degree damage. Therefore, the LED type school classroom light, these simple overview information about it: material/process main body USES the high quality manufacture of lamps and lanterns, phosphating and electrostatic pensu one-time molding process, beautiful appearance, durable. With mesh grille lamps and lanterns, using a special process, uv protection against glare, high permeability, conform to the optical principle and human visual design. Reflection with spray antistatic film materials surface, not easy to absorb dust. High reflection efficiency design of lamps and lanterns, optional different electric light source, free combination. Mesh grille material can choose plastic coating or steel plate coating. Install/maintain drops, chain hoist, or derrick installation, if the building height is too low, also can consider to install suction a top. Classroom blackboard special lamps and lanterns of unique advantages tailored specifically for the school environment, lamps and lanterns is reflection of high efficiency, natural light and bright, can reduce the students' visual fatigue co. , LTD. , let the student see more clear, more memorable, remember more firmly. At the same time to avoid the direct glare of the interference, better protect students' eyesight. Created and comfortable learning environment for students, improve the learning efficiency.
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