School classroom lighting problems and solutions

by:Mylight     2020-12-20
Most of the time the students are learning in the classroom, if the classroom led lighting design is good, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, after for a long time, can lead to decreased vision students, academic performance decline, so we must attach great importance to study the classroom facilities renovation, the school classroom facilities is what problem, how should solve? Now as to find out together! 1, many school classroom placement of lamps and lanterns is not reasonable, create glare. School classroom lamps and lanterns is usually level with the direction of the blackboard, it'll be easier to make the light directly into people's eyes, when there is high brightness or excessive vision brightness contrast, the students will feel dazzling, influence degree of vision, this light is dazzling glare. Glare can be divided into direct glare, reflected glare contrast and glare. Glare of visual effect to lower visual effect in the work place, visual discomfort and distraction, easy to cause visual fatigue, damage eyesight. Solution: the arrangement of lamps and lanterns should be parallel to the long axis and the students' desks, and perpendicular to the blackboard, so you can make the lamps and lanterns of the light from the eyes of people on both sides of the into people's eyes, avoid direct; At the same time, the lamps and lanterns decorate over vertical channel board, desktop form side or on both sides of the daylighting, effect is better. 2, the school classroom light source shortage, cast shadows. The number of light source is also the cause of a projection enough. Due to a small number of lamps and lanterns, the distance between the light and the light is too large, when the student is sitting between two lights, and approached a lamp, a lamp in front of the radiation intensity of illumination can not to the position of a light behind, cannot effectively offset a light to the human body. Solution: because we don't like the operating room USES the shadowless lamp, so we can be appropriate to increase the number of lamps and lanterns, at the same time changing the installation position of lamps and lanterns, in the light source is populated place can decrease the illumination intensity, use more low power of the lamps and lanterns, less to replace the lamps and lanterns of high power. 3, the light source is not fixed, when open the fan, the light source will produce instability. Due to the high school classroom level, in order to prevent influence due to the classroom high brightness, so the school adopted the way of droplight hang the lamp from the desktop has a certain height of air, some schools also classroom lift is soft, is that there is no light source fixed, when the weather is hot in summer, when to start the fan, lamps and lanterns will swing back and forth, make the light source is not stable, affect the brightness. At the same time, the lamp body kept shaking, increased the risk. Solution: will be fixed, soft droplight used more material hardness to fixed lamp. That's LED manufacturers for the school classroom facilities problems and solutions in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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