School classroom lighting problems and solutions

by:Mylight     2020-12-20
School classroom teachers and students to the school learning is very important, not only affect students' learning efficiency, but also has a great influence on students' eyes, especially in recent years students high myopia, the problems existing in the school classroom by parents and students, so we through the school classroom are analyzed and the research of lamps and lanterns, mining school classroom existing problems and puts forward some improving measures. The problems existing in the classroom: 1, the classroom fluorescent lamp set unreasonable, cause the classroom left uneven illumination; 2, the classroom without a good reference to national standard lamps and lanterns, installation, maintenance quality is not ideal; 3 south, school classroom during the day the sun was shining student desktop, the serious influence students' vision, the floor is higher, the more obvious, and the classroom of the north rainy day insufficient light. 4, some tubes in the work will have a slight noise, and sometimes flash would happen. Through the investigation, the situation in our school classroom light setting, in order to analyze its shortcomings, we designed according to the actual situation to see the following improvement measures: a, through adjusting the position of the light in the classroom, make the classroom a point of light light tend to be more uniform and minimize the superposition of the elder brother of the light in the classroom and the lack of corner light; Second,, increase the number of light in the classroom, so that the front and rear classroom all have enough light can reach. What are the advantages of the classroom reconstruction using grille lamps and lanterns: 1, lamp plate is made of high quality PC + 1/3 aluminum, professional processing and processing, durable good pervious to light, grille lamps and lanterns is made of high quality manufacture, anti-rust better is not easy to change color, and beautiful shape. 2, lamps and lanterns with mesh grille, anti glare of high permeability, conforms to the principle of optical design and human visual effect. 3 easy disassembly, assembly department, do not contain harmful substances, low loss, low energy. 4, high quality and high color rendering diffuser of light guide plate reduction real object color, light transmittance as high as 96%, color soft bright, life can reach more than 50000 hours. That's LED manufacturers for the school classroom problems and solutions in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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