School classroom lighting layout which matters need attention

by:Mylight     2020-12-22
Choose good classroom the lamp that shield an eye is very important, the classroom the lamp that shield an eye chosen. We're going to pay attention to the arrangement of lamps and lanterns behind? Now as to find out together! A, the classroom of the lamp that shield an eye control requirements shall be parallel to the side window, according to the controlled beam, so that in the case of sunny, away from the window on the side of the lamp can keep the classroom overall brightness uniformity, achieve the goal of saving electricity. Second, due to the expansion of modern multimedia teaching equipment, many classrooms are equipped with a front projection projector, and replaced the past bulky and take up the space is large rear projection TV, has proposed new requirements on the control of the headlights. When designing the control method of lamps and lanterns, should consider the following questions: 1, the projection screen usually account for half of the blackboard. When the normal work of the projector, in order to obtain sufficient screen brightness, must close the screen in front of the fluorescent lamp. If lamp control mode is according to the controlled beam parallel to the side window, you should close the screen near the column direction of the light, it will directly reduce of illumination, during and after the table, the serious influence students' listening efficiency. Therefore, the former fluorescent lamp control alone is a way to solve these problems. Similarly, the blackboard lamp control should also be separated. The aim is to ensure that the brightness of the screen, at the same time teachers still can be teaching on the other side of the blackboard. 2 set, lamps and lanterns should be reasonable. Because of using the projector derrick installation if the bulbs and the location of the projector bracket set is not correct, lamp holder will block the screen, the formation of the shadow. In the design phase, therefore, must carefully consider the following: the relationship between them, lest cause unnecessary stimulation on subsequent projects. The choice of schools and setting is often associated with students' vision health problems. Therefore, schools and parents need to pay special attention to. Of course, the classroom led lighting arrangement of unit of building, also must be conducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national standard of design. At present, in the field of classroom, devoted to building a school classroom eyecare r&d and production of lamps and lanterns, contribute to protect students' eyesight. For the teaching design LED lights and LED the blackboard lamp that shield an eye classroom. Strict control over the color temperature of the classroom environment in education, the problem such as glare, intensity of illumination, trying to make students away from myopia glasses!
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