School classroom first pay attention to the quality problem of the led lamp lighting

by:Mylight     2020-12-19
School classrooms to buy leds let consumers worry about most is the quality problem, the light not bright, more and more dark and stroboscopic problem, in this case, the school classroom understand problem detection repair drop more convenient. Through to the first question is not bright, is our common electric light goes out, the traditional light source judgment is ballast is damaged, if processing is to detect at the ends of the filament, suggest school classrooms or buy tubes, constant current integration even when voltage instability using more safe. When installation, the holder and ballast to remove the starter directly pick on 220 v alternating current (ac). Both ends of the second is black on both ends of the lamp body, black led lamp is a common phenomenon, daily showed that photosynthetic efficiency to reduce a school classroom with tubes should be replaced. This kind of phenomenon appeared in the traditional light source, led industry as an efficient energy conservation and emission reduction, green star, involved in the field of value is immeasurable. The application of lamps and lanterns is an industry trend. The grille of lamps and lanterns, lamp plate is made of high quality PC material and craft 1 + 1/3 aluminum, professional processing and processing, durable good pervious to light, grille lamps and lanterns is made of high quality manufacture, anti-rust better is not easy to change color, and beautiful shape. 2, lamps and lanterns with mesh grille, anti glare of high permeability, conforms to the principle of optical design and human visual effect. 3 easy disassembly, assembly department, do not contain harmful substances, low loss, low energy. 4, high quality and high color rendering diffuser of light guide plate reduction real object color, light transmittance as high as 96%, color soft bright, life can reach more than 50000 hours. Above is the LED manufacturer for classroom primary school pay attention to the quality problem of the LED lamp in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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