Reduce the cost of lighting is not equal to use inferior materials

by:Mylight     2021-02-17
Production costs can be an independent discipline is not an accident, the production cost is about the social from all walks of life, some products on the market in just why is expensive, over time and reduce the price, the production costs and can't get away, lower production costs is an important way of promoting the enterprises to gain a competitive edge in the market, energy saving transformation is the same, the same quality, the transformation of low cost, that is more competitive. Reduce the cost, however, does not mean that blind on the material demand. Some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, often will call together, many suppliers to request the price, if supplier don't promise to the requirements of the enterprise, is immediately suspended cooperation relationship. Actually, this is the enterprise in lower cost is easily into the erroneous zone. In the face of such situation, many vendors have to settle for, but they will next to this unreasonable demand their upstream suppliers, put forward in the end, the whole industry chain in a deluge of price cuts, energy-saving renovation cost is decreased. The entire value chain in the enterprise, there is dependence between each link, the next link cost management must be based on the last link of cost management, a link does not mean that the next link cost of minimizing the total cost will be minimized, more doesn't mean the whole value chain cost is minimized. Some enterprises one-sided pursuit on the purchasing cost minimum, then the purchase of raw materials and cheap quality. If only in terms of purchasing, does the cost optimization, but because of the poor quality of raw materials in production costs rise, the increase in the cost of Marketing Department, customer satisfaction is reduced, summary to these questions, you will find the whole value chain cost rising. What's more, because the purchasing price decline, resulting in raw material appear shoddy phenomenon, cause the quality accident, LED the transformation has no effect also, resulting in the company brand damage, is not worth the cost, the so-called there is nothing wrong to sell, only buy wrong. The end result is a fall in the quality of the product, the consumer satisfaction is reduced, eventually do more harm than good, not only fail to improve competitiveness, and will lose market position, eventually end. Guangdong product benchmarking to share for you!
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