Primary and secondary schools should need is what kind of eye classroom lighting

by:Mylight     2021-01-25
The healthy growth of the young is about, the future development of the country is so for teenagers to provide scientific, safe, healthy classroom environment is the responsibility of the whole society! So, how to create the environment of small and medium-sized school classroom eye health? Now as to find out together! Classroom, especially need to be fixed in one place for a long time of learning environment, should not be too much intensity lamps and lanterns of effectiveness and efficiency of these parameters, should be more focus on safety and health eye. Small and medium-sized school classroom has a unified standard - — GB7793 from 2011 'standard of primary and middle schools classroom led lighting and health', in 2019 the implementation of GB/T36876 installation of sanitary requirements for design of ordinary small and medium-sized school classroom, for small and medium-sized school regular classroom desktop, the blackboard surface illumination installation requirement in detail and design regulations, for the protection of teenagers vision has positive significance. Formulate unified classroom assessment indicators for small and medium-sized school, ensure the quality of lamps and lanterns, to ensure the health of school classroom environment! Lamps and lanterns of inferior will produce harmful blue light radiation to human body, easy to cause different degree of eye diseases such as vision loss. Many bad vendors will also be in the name of health, fish in troubled waters, confusing. Prohibit inferior lamps and lanterns into the classroom, from the source to ensure that small and medium-sized school classrooms have a healthy environment. Production of LED eye classroom light not only successful energy-saving certification and CCC certification, high quality light environment certificate, and other countries, to ensure the quality and safety; Secondly in terms of product performance, the whole lamp RG0 blu-ray resist level; Color rendering index Ra is more than 95, to guarantee the high color reducibility; Glare value is less than 16, really achieve anti glare; In 5000 k color temperature, and the light is downy; In addition, the lamps and lanterns of stroboscopic light should be fluctuations in the output waveform depth satisfy 'had no significant effect', namely, no stroboscopic, effectively protect eyesight and prevent it! Above is the 'primary and secondary schools should need what kind of eye classroom lights' in detail, and hope to help you!
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