Panel light advantage

by:Mylight     2020-12-01
LED panel light USES high brightness LED as light source, suitable for hotels, bars, restaurant, coffee shop, home interior decoration, such as indoor, can directly replace the original common fluorescent lamp, and a higher brightness. Main properties and characteristics of LED panel lights are as follows: 1, LED panel light design is a kind of flexible LED point light source design personnel through the flexible point, line and plane combination, can design according to customer's request all kinds of different shapes, different particles of light source, its design is very flexible. 2, LED panel light with high intensity of illumination LED panel light with the light reflective panels evenly and sealed design, with effective guide plate, and aluminium alloy material. Uniform glow, intensity of illumination is higher. 3, LED panel light fever LED panel light, thin, less heat dissipation function complete, low power, produce less heat. 4, LED panel light, long life LED theoretical service life of 100000 hours. As calculated by 8 hours a day, the theory of life in more than 27 years. CPL lamp cup and theoretical service life of more than 100000 hours or more. 5, LED panel light lights change diverse ways of LED panel lights can be regulated according to different needs and environmental changes of light color, no radiation and dazzle light not only, but also can protect vision, smooth color more moderate. 6, LED panel light lamp vibration power in LED panel light, LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin instead of tungsten filament glass, etc. , it is not easy to damage, so the vibration resistance is relatively high, the environment temperature is adaptable. 7, LED panel light control ability of LED panel light can be through the external controller for a variety of dynamic program control, the ability of color temperature control and regulation of light and shade. 8, LED panel lights, low power consumption at the same time, the LED panel light or a green technology, product manufacturing process does not contain mercury, less waste, almost no pollution; Semiconductor has the characteristics of recycled, recyclable, plays an important role in economic and social sustainable development.
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