Office lighting the idea those problems?

by:Mylight     2021-01-15
Although LED lights installed in the office environment is relatively simple, but if do not pay attention to in the process of installation, it will affect the LED light work in the office environment, and even death light phenomenon may occur. So LED lights in the office what matters need attention when installation? Take out one, first of all, when the LED lights should check its integrity, if the lamps and lanterns now exists the phenomenon of damage, it cannot be used for installation. Second, the LED lights in the office when installation should be far away from flammable items, to ensure that at least 0. The interval of 2 m, and attention from low voltage and high voltage line. Three, in order to keep the electric cable fixed strong, can use the wire clips to fasten on the back line. Fourth, determine the power cord of lamps and lanterns has enough length, is not subject to tension. Avoid the connecting line of lamps and lanterns has too much garbage, also cannot let cables, the phenomenon of the knot. In addition, attention should be paid to the difference between the output of attachment, don't and other lamps and lanterns is mixed. Five, in after the installation of LED lamps and lanterns should pay attention to the input of lamps and lanterns and switch to low voltage plug of lamps and lanterns and low voltage switch power supply plug in. For example of the commonly used LED panel light in the office installation there are a lot of kinds, such as embedded, as well as the suspension type suction a top, we can choose the most suitable environment and space installation method. Want to good use LED lamps and lanterns bring convenience to us, then it is in use process pay attention to all aspects of the problem, only in this way can make us better to enjoy the benefits of LED lamps for us!
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