Meet the national standards of the classroom that shield an eye lamp

by:Mylight     2020-11-28
Teenagers are the future hope of the nation, we have to protect good vision of teenagers, the classroom is a place of student's study, 60% of the time is spent in the classroom, we must to modify the classroom, in order to protect the teenagers vision. With the improvement of teaching environment, the development of technology, daylighting to mark the classroom is very low demand, is now further considering the index of eyesight protection, energy conservation and environmental protection. In order to give students the most professional learning environment, and puts forward higher demands on the natural state. So when the design standards of classroom needs to follow what conditions? The main body of the classroom for the desktop and the blackboard two parts. The classroom to ensure that students not with the eye fatigue, desktop illumination requirements must be above 300 lx, color rendering more than 85. School is given priority to with the class during the day, the light source should give priority to with natural led lighting, and just to complement classroom illumination lamps and lanterns is insufficient, uniform illumination distribution. The classroom should give priority to with led lamps and lanterns of eye, adopting direct way. Led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye should be at right angles to the blackboard. The blackboard illuminance value should be higher than the desktop illumination, and must use special light the blackboard. Illuminate the blackboard by the direct light should not be directly into the students' eyes, students and teachers should not be the blackboard reflected glare interference. At present in the field of classroom, for the sake of the students' eyesight health designed specifically for the classroom led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom for students to provide professional classroom. Led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom has six major advantages: the desks of average illuminance value 340 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7. The blackboard the average illuminance value 500 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 8; The lamp power density & lt; 6W/㎡( The target should be & lt; 9W/㎡) ; Color rendering index Ra95, vivid, visual and clear; Color temperature 5000 k, the light is downy; Glare index & lt; 16, not dazzling, it does not hurt the eye. Low vision not only affect the health of body and mind development and the improvement of quality and ability, also directly affect their future work and the future, bring a heavy burden to families. Therefore, we provide healthy, comfortable, environmental protection and energy saving led lamps and lanterns, the classroom products mature technology and CCC, CE certification requirements, provide professional led lighting environment for classroom! Above is the 'meet the national standards of the classroom that shield an eye lamp is how to' detailed introduction, hope to help you!
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