Mall lighting design, lighting design in different areas

by:Mylight     2021-01-11
Segmenting regions of the different types of shopping malls and stores, the effect of specific requirements are different, so the emphasis of the design is also different. The current market environment using main lamps and lanterns and light source including CFL tube lights and T5 / T8 fluorescent lamp, grille lamp, metal halide lamp and so on. LED as a foundation for a new generation of light source into the mall, opportunity right? Experts generally believe that business is LED into the first general applications, improve the luminous flux, reliability and cost performance is the key to its rapid intervention. Shopping mall, according to different occasions and can be further refined to the requirements of different goods are different. ( 1) Fruit, rusty and flowers fresh produce and flowers with the most lively colour, pure white can is green and luxuriant. Most directly reflect the effect of green and fragrant sweet red. Red, yellow and other fruits and vegetables with warm light around 3300 k, 4500 k - is commonly used in light colors such as green vegetables 5500 k cold white light, color rendering index should be in more than 80. LED has a very wide range of color temperature, can restore the items the most gorgeous vivid color, increase customer purchase desire, and strengthen the circulation of goods and keeping fresh. ( 2) Meat and poultry high-quality fresh meat and poultry products must look clean sanitation, pale pink to red meat look fresher. More warm tonal balance can make meat and poultry food looks more attractive fresh. With low color temperature and spectral composition more red LED light source, not only can increase the meat color effect, and the infrared heat radiation, less conducive to more permanent storage and corrosion protection. ( 3) Marine food quality fresh fish and ocean goods area appropriate USES cool color to move in is different from other commodities. Cold white effect is easy to let the consumer with clear water, and be able to make seafood looks fresh from the sea to salvage the newness. With high color temperature and blue spectral composition more LED light source, not only can increase the color effect, and the infrared heat radiation, less conducive to more permanent storage and corrosion protection. ( 4) Baked Fried foods warm yellow lights make baking food appears more tasty, give a person a kind of fresh feeling. Into the baking food section, consumers will find here the light becomes a light yellow amber. Effect of downy flaxen peculiar to let a person feel cooked cake warm feeling and seductive fragrance. Shelves after using soft and warm on the same equipment, can further enhance the overall visual effect. ( 5) Jewelry jewelry belongs to the luxury class, are generally more expensive, so to ensure that the counter snatches sharp, harmony of indoor light, clearly jewelry correct color, show a jewelry meticulous process with real color, attract the attention of the customer, the most attractive light, attract customers buy. When choose light for the jewelry store, the key factor, including color temperature, level, flicker, infrared ultraviolet ray, etc. According to relevant data show that jewelry in k - 3300 7000 k color temperature of light to show the best effect. Different jewelry different requirements, such as gold ornaments, lighting requirements of fei cui and diamond is quite different. Now LED because of wide range of color temperature, and heat is small, almost out of ultraviolet and infrared light, become the latest must-haves in the jewelry. ( 6) Apparel clothing varieties more goods, display is very much also, natural and warm light effect is best. Cylinder is commonly used in lamps, all kinds of adjustable Angle to shoot the light to focus on. Light source for tungsten halogen lamp and metal halide lamp, high color rendering requirements. But tungsten halogen lamp and metal halide lamp has the characteristics of calorific value is big, high color rendering of the LED lamp, LED downlight, can effectively solve these problems. Super design mainly is combined with the conditions of different regions to design the led lighting for the occasion, give the customer a into the area you think what to do feel, that is the most suitable store design!
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