Low price is not necessarily a good thing

by:Mylight     2021-01-19
In zhongshan city in guangdong province, some led manufacturer of leds are not cheap, but it should be said that cheap, cheap to make a lot of big led manufacturers, prices are in big led manufacturer a fraction of the price, it is tempting for a lot of consumers, make consumers to abandon the choose and buy brand products and to choose the cheap led lamps, energy saving renovation companies will today to share some cheap led is worth for you to buy! Quality of led lamps and lanterns is embodied in many aspects, such as optical parameters, with light and glare index control depends on a lot of led lights factory production materials and consumer demand, price index has special requirements on led lamps, led lighting many led lights manufacturer in the design of lamps and lanterns and light distribution design, is a high contradiction, such as 120 degrees and 150 degrees Angle of glare of light, the other on the material, also has an effect to use led lamp, different environment, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, metamorphic pollution and so on different material is very important. The wick on the fluorescent powder, which is led, there is a led hair white light blue and yellow phosphor after mixing, spectral lack of red light, led lights for rich blue is harmful to human body, process and material quality color temperature deviation caused by the partial red, slant green still need the led application technology services. Due to led lamp included in strategic industries by the state, the competition is intense, people rushing to keep up with, play station concept, mature and price war, the winner is to get the government subsidies and listed led lights factory, nobody know enter strategic emerging led the effect of the application, a cluster into, can't make money not do low purchasing power of poor products to consumers don't know the lamp, led to the emergence of a series of integrity problems. So business the heaviest if want to do a good job in good faith, undertake corresponding social responsibility, do not be unconscionable product, not cheating consumers, not harm the market environment, make these talents owned vast consumers in the market, consumers to the market, have the market to have profit, finally can survive! Energy saving products for which the certification is a courage to bear the social responsibility of the integrity of the enterprise, can rest assured choice!
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