Lighting energy saving transformation which to buy, manufacturers recommendations

by:Mylight     2020-12-08
With the popularity of LED lamps and lanterns is more and more industries need to retrofit, by saving energy to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, on the one hand, the response country, on the other hand, to the enterprise is also a means to reduce costs, improve the work efficiency of the workers, but in the face of so much energy saving reconstruction, consumer how to choose? Today he said for energy saving reconstruction manufacturers recommend! Manufacturers must pay attention to the points: the choice of the reform & gt; > > > Energy conservation and environmental protection (1) white LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter. (2) the working voltage of the LED is normally 2 ~ 3. 6 v, working current as long as 0. 02 ~ 0. 03A. That is to say: it consumes less than 0. 1 w, the consumption of electrical energy than incandescent bulbs to reduce more than 90%, of the same light efficiency than energy-saving lamps to reduce more than 70%. Therefore, only the LED energy-saving light source is the real! (3) LED cold light source, rely on semiconductor luminescence, ultra low power ( Single pipe 0. 03 ~ 0. 6 watts) , 150 ~ 200 lumens/watt, semiconductor itself without any pollution to the environment, compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving efficiency can reach above 90%. > > > > Long service life under the appropriate current and voltage, LED the service life of up to 100000 hours, which is theoretically products reach more than 10 years, life is the only lamps and lanterns field the longevity of the star. > > > > Manufacturers choose (1) first to see what he is doing renovation, such as classroom reform, that is about to choose manufacturers to meet the national standards require manufacturers to classroom, so manufacturers both in technology and experience in after-sales is very perfect, we have no measure, according to the national standard to find. (2) are looking for experienced manufacturers, to put it bluntly, the energy-saving reform of the do, if is not a lot of experience, have a problem or make plan early time is can't solve. Only experienced manufacturer, to cope when encounter problems, so choose, and what will we do that their case to reference! (3) the manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is in conformity with the requirements of the state of the LED such as the national energy conservation certification, 3 c authentication, etc. , or guangdong province product benchmarking, such manufacturer to do with transformation of the lamps and lanterns is good quality, not finally produced some unnecessary trouble. (4) if insufficient funds or don't want to assume the risk of transformation, selecting a manufacturer, can see if factory has the strength of the energy contract, if you have the strength, consumers can reduce the cost of reconstruction and reduce the risk of transformation. Since renovation contract manufacturers dare to do other energy will prove his technology and the quality of lamps and lanterns is good, otherwise he wouldn't do that. (5) professional manufacturers, find some manufacturer to do professional classroom reform, some do professional factory, this time depends on the consumer is to do the modification, and then according to the need to choose the professional manufacturer for saving energy. > > > > Finally manufacturers recommend the reform, is a professional energy saving renovation of the company, do companies for school improvement, factories, roads, shang chao deng is very professional, have a professional r&d team and after-sales support team, and support contract energy model. Welcome to free advisory 0769 - transformation problem 88981038.
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