Lighting energy saving transformation, all need around the world

by:Mylight     2020-12-08
In under the condition of the domestic market is close to saturation, many LED manufacturers reached his hand to the other countries on the international, the majority of European countries, because of security, Europe more than African countries compared to the americas, Europe has a larger market, so many manufacturers began to preempt the European market, the majority of Germany! What reason is this? High energy prices have made the government has to strengthen the adjustment of energy structure, among them, green engineering become one of the first project. According to statistics, there are 56 million European road, the road each year accounted for 20% of energy consumption across Europe, and Germany belong to the country in Europe, road energy accounted for 9%, if will replace all the LED green roads, the German government is expected to energy consumption could save 1 billion euros a year. However, the German accounted for only 10% of new light source, high energy prices, forced the German architect, public investors and consumers consider energy saving solutions. Leds will become a new topic in the German energy structure adjustment, the tradition will be replaced by LED. According to preliminary statistics, if Germany now converted into energy, is expected to be 65 billion euros, this is a huge market. German government believes that the LED will be used for in homes, offices, large systems, and the auto industry in the near future. Some of the potential growth areas such as: lamps, car, outdoor ( Including the garden) , indoor ( Including residential and industrial units) 。 Energy-saving reform of the market both at home and abroad there is a huge market, domestic LED manufacturers to make products, go abroad to obtain a larger market, LED product benchmarking to share for you!
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