Leds are four kind of installation method

by:Mylight     2021-01-28
Led panel lights, also known as led flat light, there are four installation form, we can choose the most convenient installation method according to different situations, and see which way is suitable for you. The first approach everyday office, is one of the most simple, is also one of the most common installation methods: first, take a piece of the ceiling, the LED panel light next to drive into the ceiling, connect the power cord, and then put on the panel lights. The second method is to hoisting, want to use the messenger wire. First turn on the messenger wire four base fixed on the roof, and then four suspension wire screwing in LED panel light, pull the wire control panel lamp height. The third is dark. First draw out the LED panel light switch box the size of the inner edge, then use knife to cut, and then install in box placed good LED panel lamp driver, finally to transform the lamps and lanterns is embedded into the box. The fourth method is installed in the ceiling. First of all, the LED panel light conversion with screw box fixed on a concrete ceiling, and then connect the LED driver, you push hard on the translate panel lights embedded box finally can.
the high power high power LED lamps and lanterns is a direction for the future development of LED led lighting industry, at present due to its high light efficiency and superior lumen maintenance ratio and become each big manufacturers to develop products, but the high power LED lights for heat dissipation technology demand is higher, the environment temperature reaches a certain limit will soon produce light failure, directly LED to a decline in the LED life. LED life is closely related to the working temperature, so the heat dissipation is very important for the design is good, also the LED with traditional light source effective alternative. Only solve the high power LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling technology, the maximum delay the droop of the LED lamps and lanterns, to a large area of promoting the application of high power LED lamps and lanterns. At present, the LED lamps and lanterns has can be used instead of traditional light source in many places, especially the emergence of high power LED lamps and lanterns, accelerate the speed of the LED lamps and lanterns to replace traditional light source, also makes the inside large applications use LED lamps and lanterns has become reality, as the industry matures, development of longitudinal LED lamps and lanterns, high power LED lamps and lanterns in price and also can make a big change in photosynthetic efficiency.

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