LED waterproof lamp, lamp q&a summary

by:Mylight     2021-01-29
Waterproof waterproof lamp is how to do? The structure components of products, have waterproof function. Such as glue on interfaces using link on parts contact place; The other is a product design, set aside potting glue sealing the location of the electrical components, assembly when the glue material in waterproof. Based on the structure of the waterproof design of lamps and lanterns, need to closely cooperate with the silicone seal waterproof, more precise and complex shell structure, usually applies to the lamps and lanterns of big size, such as floodlight, square and round bar, high-power lamps and lanterns in the project-light lamp, etc. Material waterproofing design of lamps and lanterns, using the pouring sealant for insulating waterproof, the use of joint between the sealing adhesive sealing structure, make the electric parts are airtight, reach the role of waterproof lamps and lanterns. How to choose high quality waterproof lamp? Waterproof lamp in the choose and buy when, first of all, the protection grade, it must be, see if meet your requirements, protection grade ip65 can be used in damp environment, if is in the water requires protection grade reaches more than ip67; Also see if heat dissipation good, LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation is one of the main factors restricting the LED life, therefore depends on whether the cooling solution; Bullish on the two basic is almost! Waterproof lamp protection level a few? Waterproof IP is to calculate the grade, the front is a digital dust level, behind a number is waterproof, waterproof lamp protection grade is generally above ip65, common refrigerator freezer with leds freezers lamp ip65 can meet the requirements, if is a tank or other cases need to be on the water, at least to reach ip67 or ip68 protection grade can, protection grade is probably from ip65 to ip68, high more and more difficult to do! LED freezer light where there is sell? LED freezer led lighting and LED waterproof lamp as a kind of new products, many consumers don't know where to buy, LED waterproof lamp series in the country have bought, but can be by scanning at the bottom of the web site of qr code access to alibaba's official shop of choose and buy directly! What are the requirements what LED freezer light in the fridge? First is protection grade reaches ip65 above, and because the refrigerator freezer is cooling, so the heat dissipation problem must solve is very good to just go, otherwise it will influence the refrigerator freezer refrigeration effect, causing the waste electricity.
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