LED to choose three key

by:Mylight     2021-01-30
How to choose a in numerous LED lamps and lanterns of good quality, easy to use, it is not easy to become bad LED the consumer a problem now, because of the leds on the market is too chaotic, good and evil people mixed up products, many do unit also cannot achieve the expected goal of the reform, so the following is for you to share the LED the choose and buy must pay attention to the three key! The first key: the brand, the chip is the basis of the LED street lamp components, choice the energy-saving function of goods and the full length. Actually like day, cory chip, s. a is famous all over the world brand, quality is absolutely guaranteed, is a large LED street lamp manufacturers preferred chip suppliers at home and abroad. The second key: attaches great importance to the plan and production skills, LED lights after a period of light can present the appearance of the brightness down, professional term called droop. Droop, in addition to related to the chip quality, and the cooling scheme of lamps and lanterns, closely related to the encapsulation skills. At the time, some skills are strong LED street lamp manufacturers has declined by the wicked scheme useful LED lamp light failure, when the choose and buy the best pick big brands. The third point: don't ignore light health, modern life cannot leave, but after long-term illumination will happen a lot of people ill, such as developing light fatigue syndrome, dry eyes, grieved, and dizziness, headache, etc. LED street lamp manufacturer to remind you that the LED light is definitely not the light source of mercury, not only reduce the pollution to the environment, but also cleverly avoid the stroboscopic question, this reflects the is a healthy product. In fact, many large led street lamp manufacturers at home and abroad in line with high sense of responsibility for society and consumers, light health, when consumer is bought to do. Actually in LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when want to look for the point, if there is some national qualification certification, the company, for example, energy conservation product, benchmarking, etc. These products in guangdong province, it is easy to find high quality LED lamps and lanterns, solve the trouble back at home!
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