LED the lamp that shield an eye classroom should pay attention to several details

by:Mylight     2020-12-05
With adolescent myopia more serious in our country, our country pay more and more attention to the modification of the classroom, the school classroom, how should choose a comfortable eye classroom the lamps and lanterns that shield an eye? Now as to find out together! 1. See illuminance and intensity of illumination evenness installation of sanitary requirements for design of ordinary small and medium-sized school classroom requirements: in the classroom maintained illuminance acuity 300 lx, classroom illumination evenness 0 or higher. 7. Many classroom use fluorescent lamps, light dazzling do not say, it's still dark, intensity of illumination and uniformity are not up to standard. Classroom LED the lamp that shield an eye, the back fill light design, omnidirectional light, good light penetration, high intensity of illumination, uniform illumination, conforms to the standard, the light bright. 2. Look to whether have anti-dazzle handle glare simple understanding is refers to, in view of a local places high brightness or before and after the change too much brightness. Fluorescent lamp etc traditional lamps and lanterns can have larger glare influence, is one of the important reasons of causing visual fatigue. Classroom led the lamp that shield an eye, light plate part used the grille anti-dazzle design, no sunlight directly to the human eye, to reduce the effects of glare. 3. See if contain harmful material for materials used in inferior some lamps and lanterns, contains some harmful heavy metals, not only pollute the environment, will affect human health. The classroom led the lamp that shield an eye, do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, green health, use more at ease. 4. See if there is a stroboscopic and blu-ray hazards are general configuration inductance ballasts, there are serious stroboscopic effect, students' visual system in order to adapt to the change of frequency, excessive frequent adjustment; And high color temperature ( 6500K) Fluorescent tube, the light color is too white, blue ingredients, easy to cause the student irritability, fatigue, and even cause insomnia. Production of the lamp that shield an eye, the classroom video flash, no harm of blue light, color temperature 5000 k ( ±300k) , close to natural light, to cause eye fatigue, eye visual clarity. Above is the 'choose LED the lamp that shield an eye classroom should pay attention to several details' in detail, and hope to help you!
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