LED the classroom light comfortable light to accompany you to learn

by:Mylight     2021-02-09
LED the classroom light output comfortable light ( Color temperature 4000 k, sun color; Color rendering index of 80 or more, r910) The comprehensive efficiency of lamps and lanterns can reach 125 lm/W, on the premise of guarantee the comfort and high luminous efficiency, to improve the utilization of directional glow of light. The classroom LED the lamp that shield an eye is how to provide students with comfortable light environment. A, conform to the requirements of the different environment, light environment to meet the requirements of the application scenario. Second, conforms to the physiological characteristics of the human eye, to enhance the visual effect of the spectrum, remove the spectrum of the human eye can't accept. Third, look at the color of the object more realistic, raising the color of the light source, to improve the color rendering index, improve the quality of light color. Four, use for a long time not tired eyes, it can improve the comfort of light, with the body's physiological structure, adjust the biological clock of human body, prevent overly active or negative emotions. Five, LED has higher luminous efficiency and LED luminous efficiency, save power and protect the environment. Six, see objects, it can improve the sensitivity of the human eye to light, to make the same light objects more clearly. LED the classroom light applicable scope: ordinary classrooms, smart classrooms, recording broadcast classroom, sports venues, psychological counselling classrooms, laboratories, conference room, office, canteen, dormitory. Production of Led lights, Led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye eye classroom technology mature, conform to the requirements of the country such as CCC, CE certification. High color rendering index Ra97, R9:90, color reproduction ability, the most close to natural light. No harm of blu-ray ( RG0) Lamps and lanterns, no stroboscopic, no noise, guarantee the students eyes comfort. Uniform color temperature 5000 k, the entire classroom, effectively protecting teenagers vision health, prevent myopia effectively.
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