LED road tunnel lighting design solution

by:Mylight     2021-01-30
The light of the tunnel, tunnel under the specific environment to meet the photosynthetic efficiency, luminous flux, life, light color and color rendering requirements, and to ensure in car emissions form smoke good visibility. The effect of the tunnel must depend on reliable sources. Highway tunnel once put into use, almost in a state of long-term light system under normal condition, therefore, choose a suitable light source, is the important link of the tunnel. Highway tunnel, usually based on the current specification among population divides into the tunnel section, transition section, and export to carry on the design, and according to the transition section has two, respectively before and after the design in the middle section. The design of the length of the paragraphs from the driving safety requirements throughout the year, the hole to the design of the maximum intensity of illumination is the hole for the whole year maximum brightness and driving speed to determine the highest power and distribution density of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of tunnel paragraphs. Implementation of automatic control is also very limited, often because of the limitation of circuit wiring circuits, do only 2 ~ 3 grade artificial or automatic control. For parameters, such as weather, speed, the number of cars is a maximum at the design stage to consider. In the end, the length of the paragraphs and illumination is always in a state of maximum value. Because of using a time-varying parameters such as weather, speed, traffic from the macroscopic system of the whole tunnel adaptive way of adjusting control. Therefore, from this point, the design and application of the traditional tunnel system there are a lot of energy waste problem. System solutions in the process of circuit design, integrated point source voltage, current, brightness levels after superposition, stability, and many other factors, the reasonable matching circuit, in order to achieve to reduce power consumption, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency. The protection circuit, reduce LED series and parallel cause more damage. LED dot matrix layout is composed of multiple LED by series and parallel array, in use process, as long as there is a short circuit or open circuit of LED, will lead to the whole article or more LED goes out. The rationality of the analysis of circuit design and circuit layout, the cooling method, in order to improve the service life of the LED, keep it in good working condition. LED chip junction temperature exceeds the limit value, will cause the non-recoverable intensity attenuation. To solve this problem, from the circuit design and layout, and put forward reasonable design scheme, in order to promote LED to maintain good working condition, prolong service life. Can design of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is refers to the transmission, distribution, and change the distribution of light source equipment, including all fixed except light source and light source all the components and connected to the power required for the line in the attachment. Different to the requirement of lamps and lanterns (due to different places If in highway tunnel, the lamps and lanterns has strong corrosion resistance, not easy ageing, moistureproof, prevent jet) , therefore, the design of lamps and lanterns to staff from three aspects: on the one hand, to solve the problem of circuit board installation and disassembly convenience; On the other hand, to go line design, heat dissipation, moistureproof performance; The last is pervious to light material choice. Developed so that the lamps and lanterns can achieve security protection grade, good heat dissipation, remove more convenient, meets the requirement.
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