LED radar induction lamp is a big problem how to solve the underground garage lighting

by:Mylight     2021-01-28
With the improvement of people's living standard, car step generation tools has also entered the ordinary people in the home, so have the underground garage, small area building dish to sell is very not good is an important measure. But the problem of the underground garage and a developer, residential property manager to solve a big problem. Main problems are as follows: 1, the electricity is expensive. Due to the garage need to turn on the light all day, power consumption will become large. 2, garage light quality closes nevertheless, replacement cost. Due to the limited service life of the common fluorescent lamp, and a garage for a lot of the number of lamps and lanterns, so change is requires a lot of manpower material resources. 3, considering the operation cost, and the underground garage traffic was small, underground garage lights usually darker, risks monitoring camera is not clear, for criminals. In order to solve the above problems, to research and development production of the new type LED radar induction lamp, it can be implemented: 1, intelligent induction: responsive, the car into the induction zone, automatic led lighting, delay after the car out of a few seconds, automatically go out. 2, energy conservation, environmental protection, LED the service life of more than fifty thousand hours on average, replacement cost is low. Due to the underground garage traffic was smaller, LED radar induction lamp about highlighting only about four hours a day, the whole lamp design service life will be more than 10 years! ! ! 12 w LED energy-saving efficiency is high, can be the equivalent of 36 w common fluorescent lamp illumination. 3, security guard: due to the nature of LED radar sensing light responsive, regardless of people ( Car) Drive to where, induction lamp lit always one step ahead of time, to remind the monitoring center, to the underground garage to eliminate the safety hidden trouble 4, strong anti-interference ability is not affected by environmental temperature and humidity, induction distance is accurate, high sensitivity, large range of induction, interference, 5 g information by 5. 8 g frequency, signal anti-jamming, high consistency.
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