Led panel light how to distinguish the good and the bad quality

by:Mylight     2021-01-26
LED panel lights and LED fluorescent tube market chaos, different regions, different factory, produced by the product price is completely different, in addition to the regional personnel salary difference place, its product quality also has the very big difference. Then LED panel light or specific what effect? 1. Product ingredient: inferior LED panel light, in order to improve the competitiveness of prices, so constantly lean step by step in the materials of the products. In order to achieve the most bottom cost. 2. Aluminum directly affects the service life of LED panel light: high quality LED panel light, the raw materials used are through a series of test data, especially in the aluminum radiator above, high quality LED panel light aluminum extrusions are adopted by the best coefficient of thermal conductivity, and reach the highest cooling requirements. 3. Lamp bead directly affects the brightness of the LED panel light: high quality LED surface to be adopted by the light bead is used the most mainstream on the market, high quality LED lamp bead light source. As dongguan science and technology co. , LTD. , used in the production of LED panel light by LED lamp bead, adopt mature, stable, imported lamp bead as a light source. The service life of lamp beads are commonly in 50000 hours, so in life and on the luminous intensity are superior to inferior products. 4. LED panel light surface beautiful degree: LED panel light guide plate, light transmission rate in addition to affect to the brightness of the LED panel light, also directly affect the surface of the LED panel light beautiful sex, high quality LED panel light no matter how long in the use of light guide plate, LED panel light surface all won't appear yellow like now. And inferior LED panel light guide plate, and some will be there before they go out product surface yellowing, now or in the use of a little yellowing of the product in the future, and so on and so forth. LED panel light as the light source has been widely used in many fields, including landscape, traffic lights, car market market, normal, safe and special.
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