LED packaging knowledge

by:Mylight     2021-02-13
For LED encapsulation, probably most people don't know, because this involves the related professional knowledge, only professional people have to know about these things, but these professional just is very close and we buy lamps and lanterns again, have a certain understanding to buy good lamps and lanterns, so today LED guangdong product benchmarking, to share with you the LED encapsulation of knowledge. Chip optical analysis: in GaN blue chips, the refractive index of GaN material is 2. 3, when the light into the air from inside the chip, according to the law of total reflection, critical Angle Im = argsin ( n ' / n) , where n equals 1, namely air refractive index, n’ Is GaN refractive index, thus calculate the critical Angle of about 25. 8 degrees. In this case, can shoot the light only incident Angle is less than 25. 8 degrees this space within the solid Angle of the light, so the output of light only a fraction of the active layer is removed, the most easy to internally absorbed by multiple reflections. Encapsulated silica gel or epoxy optical analysis: in order to improve chip from light efficiency, must enhance the value of n, the refractive index of ascension encapsulation materials, improving chip from light efficiency. Cover that is chip with silica gel or epoxy, chip from light efficiency will be improved, silicone or epoxy the refractive index and the higher the chips from the higher light efficiency. At the same time also to improve the light transmittance. So there will be more light from the chip into the packaging materials, that how to turn these into the packaging materials in the light as much as possible to remove? Lens shape or epoxy in the shape of optical analysis: penetrate into the air by the light from the packaging material is also from the dense medium to light thin medium, so the total reflection phenomenon also exist, in order to ascend out of the proportion of shoot the light, the shape of the lens or epoxy encapsulation preferably the arch or hemispherical shape, in this way, the light from the packaging material into the air, almost is vertical to the interface, incident Angle less than critical Angle, thus reduce the danger of the total reflection. If the light intensity distribution and the Angle of light have the requirements, that is about to reconsider, different lens shapes and encapsulation shape will get different results. Only have certain knowledge of products, in the choose and buy when not to be deceived by unscrupulous businessmen, energy-saving renovation can be completed smoothly!
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