Led lights when the design should pay attention to what problem

by:Mylight     2021-01-26
Led lights should be considered in the design of the led street lamp application environment. Led lights work environment is more complex, the temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, rain rain, dust and other natural conditions, the effect of a long led light failure will lead to serious problems, so in the design of the led street lamp to consider the influence of external environment factors on the lamp. Led lights in the aspect of heat dissipation material selection should pay attention to the design of the casing and the radiator. Generally choose aluminum or aluminum alloy, and other alloy thermal conductivity is good. There is an air convection heat dissipation, wind cooling heat dissipation and heat pipe heat dissipation. Choose what kind of operating mode, has a direct effect on lamps and lanterns, to comprehensive consideration, choose and design the product of form a complete set of the best solutions. The design of the lampshade materials is also crucial. Currently in use is transparent organic glass, PC material, etc. Traditional chimney is transparent glass products, outdoor lamps and lanterns USES glass products in general, because the life of the glass lamp shade and corrosion resistant ability is the most powerful, and can only be installed in the indoor plastic chimney, because plastic chimney will be affected by a lot of, in the harsh environment such as dust, factors such as light and rain make the chimney serious aging, and difficult to clean, reduce the light output. The quality of the led street light path in the above four aspects: 1, brightness level, road average brightness according to the grades of road have different brightness. General asphalt pavement of expressway and main road needs to be more than 2 CD/m2 brightness requirements. Demand from the trunk road and auxiliary road or village road is relatively low. Specific can consult the existing road design specifications. 2, the average intensity of illumination, refers to the average illuminance on the road all the average of the intensity of illumination, the intensity of the units, generally represented with Lx. 3, glare road efforts should be made to the discomfort glare limit within a certain range. G is commonly used in value. In general, G = 7 ( G = 1 will be unbearable, commonly known as light pollution) 。 4, visual induction to the driver at a certain distance outside can immediately recognize this road direction, especially he want to go in the direction of the road. Above is the LED manufacturer of LED lights when the design should pay attention to what issues in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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