LED lights have what advantages compared to traditional lighting

by:Mylight     2021-01-12
The market at present common lamps and lanterns with annual sales of around 100 billion, if the LED will be more than 300 billion huge market! The United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and other governments are to conduct a comprehensive supporting the promotion of green LED. Either from the support of the government, to save energy and advantages of the industrial revolution LED itself, or the Chinese and the world, will be industry a major investment opportunities. What's the advantage of LED and traditional lamps and lanterns? The lamps and lanterns, environmental protection, maintenance of the traditional earth fluorescent lamp contains large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor can evaporate into the atmosphere. But the LED fluorescent lamp is basic does not use mercury, and LED products also contains no lead, maintenance effect on the environment. Green LED fluorescent lamp is recognized as the twenty-first century. Second, the efficient conversion, reduce fever will produce large amounts of heat energy, traditional lamps and lanterns and LED lamps and lanterns is all the electric energy into light energy, not form the waste of energy. And the file, the clothes won't produce fading phenomenon. Three, the hustle and bustle, warmth, no noise of LED lamps and lanterns is does not produce noise, suitable for using precision electronic instruments as well. Right in the library, places such as office. Four, gentle light, maintain eye traditional fluorescent lamp is the use of alternating current, so can produce 100 - every second 120 times of stroboscopic. LED lamps and lanterns is to convert alternating current (ac) directly to dc, will not produce flashing phenomenon, maintain eyes. Five, no ultraviolet, no mosquito will not produce ultraviolet LED lamps and lanterns, so that it can't be like traditional lamps and lanterns, there are a lot of mosquito coil near the light source. Indoor will become more and more clean health clean and tidy. Six, adjustable voltage 80 v - 245 v traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the release of the high voltage rectifier, cannot light up when the voltage reduction. And the LED lamps and lanterns can light within a range of voltage, also can adjust the brightness. Seven, the frugal energy, the lifespan of the LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is below one-third of the fluorescent lamp, traditional life is 10 times as much as traditional fluorescent lamp, can use for a long time without having to change, reduce artificial cost. The place of more suitable to difficult to change. Eight, consolidate, reliable and durable use leds detailed itself but is rather than the traditional glass epoxy resin, more reliable and consolidate even smashed on the floor with the LED will not damage casually, can use at ease.
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