LED lighting lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamp, how to choose

by:Mylight     2021-02-05
See a lot of people on the Internet recently asked the LED lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamp three kinds of lamps and lanterns, with which the problem when the choose and buy, especially on the choice of car headlights, today for the three kinds of lamps and lanterns to do a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages, help you analyze it! Halogen halogen lamps, cheap, in fact, it is a new generation of incandescent lamp, filled with the halogen element such as bromine iodine tungsten lamp or halide. After the electricity, electricity the luminous tungsten heated to incandescence state, the electrical energy into heat energy, then converted to light energy. Advantages: low cost, simple production. Color temperature is low, good penetrability. Disadvantage: high temperature, poor durability, low brightness. Xenon lamp xenon lamp ( 藏) The high pressure gas discharge lamp. By uv crystal the glass tube filled with a variety of chemical gas, inert gases such as xenon, then through the supercharger instantly rose to 23000 v, the power supply under high voltage, xenon will be ionized and in the power between two poles produce light source. Xenon lamp is halogen lamp has improved, the performance of electric energy into light energy efficiency is more than 70% higher than halogen lamps. Advantage: a, high brightness, general 3 times for halogen lamp; Second, the color temperature is high, HID lamp can produce 4000 - 12000 k color TPS, close to the color of the sun at noon, the acceptance of the human eye and comfort the highest; Three, long service life, HID is using electronic excitation light, tungsten, and long service life, a set of HID gas discharge lamp is about 3000 hours; Four, less consumption, usually only 35 w HID. Disadvantage: obviously, fever, fever is very high is the main disadvantage, HID - 300 400 ℃ is very normal, chimney was roasted the yellow things happen; In addition, the light open with a delay is a little less than it. Short for LED lights LED is a Light Emitting Diode, it has a very popular Chinese name, light-emitting diodes (leds). Now being applied in all aspects of life, such as school classroom, supermarket, even is the refrigerator freezer use waterproof LED tubes, everywhere can see the figure of the LED lamps and lanterns! Advantages: first, energy saving, cold light source low calorific value, LED components, energy consumption is only 1/20 of the halogen lamp; Second, long service life, good durability: currently, using basic all can reach the level of 50000 hours, because the LED component has simple structure, impact resistance, vibration resistance is very good, not easy and broken; Three, the volume of the LED is very small, designers can cast off the yoke of the technology, make the modelling of lamps and lanterns can have a qualitative leap. Disadvantage: it is only the cost, although it has declined, but the LED lamps and lanterns of equipment cost is high, especially in some complex type lamps and lanterns of decoration. This three kinds of lamps and lanterns is common on the market of three, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages in the believe that we can easily choose their need, no longer entangled with what use what kind of lamps and lanterns, particularly in terms of car headlights, too many people concerned about the use which type of lamps and lanterns, said here to give you about if need high brightness, the choice of the xenon lamp, if the choice of the LED lamps, well-funded use halogen lamp is not recommended!
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