LED lighting lamps and lanterns is why use constant current drive power supply?

by:Mylight     2021-02-04
LED lamps and lanterns is why use constant current drive power? Many people would have such doubt, constant current drive power so expensive, constant current drive power supply manufacturer today to share for you, why must use constant current power supply! Constant current drive is to protect the normal use of LED lights, most of the time with the use of voltage instability, the high temperature. Constant current is within a certain range of output voltage, output current is kept constant, is an important factor of stability in service life. Original LED belongs to the typical nonlinear, using constant current drive even under the premise of non steady flow can normal use don't burn out. Under the normal use of LED lights on both ends of the voltage is 220 v tubes is input, the distribution of a wire to a zero line 3 line and a ground line, read the instructions carefully before you use, and in the middle of the ground can receive not receive, firewire and zero line must not be wrong. Constant current drive on the price a little higher, but the late safety to use more at ease. Market for choose a large workshop with LED lights, on the one hand depends on the performance of the product, drivers are the important factors influencing the leds lifespan. Drive is a power supply module, mainly is the steady flow regulator and transformer rectifier voltage regulator, the objective is to protect the normal use of leds. In the workshop use, because of the low consumption is not so high to the requirement of power supply module. Why to say generally purchase Suggestions constant current drive, is actually a prevention effect, because we often use voltage 220 v, if it is the current converter connected to the affirmation of less than 220 v, in use will be affected, lead to voltage instability or components burn out. Constant current regulator, would be a little higher, compared with the quality guaranteed price is also a major premise. In addition to the constant current driver and heat dissipation is one of the important factors affecting the service life of led lamp. LED light-emitting diodes (leds), its characteristic curve and the common diode are basically the same, when the applied voltage after reaching diode turn-on voltage, and voltage change can cause the diode current shift. LED power driver using constant current is to ensure that LED the constant current, no matter how the voltage changes, constant current through the LED, to make sure that the life and the LED light failure. If, using the output of 12 v constant voltage source, series a 16 ohm resistance, to three a string of 0. 5 w 5630 lights, power supply. According to the 3 lights, voltage. Current through the lamp bead 3 v calculation, Io = ( 12 - 3 * 3. 3) / 16 = 0. 131 a, single lamp bead power for P = 0. 131 * 3. 3 = 0. 4323 w。 Because the lamp bead temperature, single lamp bead voltage to 3 v. At this point, the current Io = ( 12 - 3 * 3) / 16 = 0. 187 a, current increase 56 ma. , power into P = 0. 187 * 3 = 0. 561 w, beyond the power consumption of the lamp bead. Go down for a long time, for the life of the LED lamp bead light failure has a great influence. So, of the hub is temperature, affecting the service life of the LED when LED temperature rise, the junction resistance decreases, that is, current reduce little. Under the same voltage, temperature increase will lead to the LED current, current increase and the temperature further progress, this vicious cycle will be burned LED. Moreover, LED light failure is also related to temperature, temperature rise time failure, the phenomenon of generic QiMing without light. Lead to an elevated temperature for two reasons: one is the quality problem, its heat conduction ability is poor, when LED encapsulation of LED tube core temperature can't pass the surface ( Internal heat cold outside) , you can't even added a radiator all the internal heat to go out, and some cheap products without radiator; Second, the power caused by temperature rise, when the LED conduction, because of its nonlinear, power weak change will cause a sharp change LED current, leading to a rise in temperature. LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer here remind consumers when choosing LED lamps and lanterns, must choose of constant current power supply, although now look a bit more expensive, but it's worth it, it would save a lot of behind!
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