LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the difference between two different light sources

by:Mylight     2021-02-04
With the development of the LED lamps and lanterns, the market appeared above all sorts of lamps and lanterns, now in the market sales of the LED light source according to the form basically has two kinds, one kind is with more direct combination for chip COB integration point light source, the other is with single LED light source through the PCB patch of partial light source. What is the difference between them? Two kinds of light source form each have advantages and disadvantages. For COB integration point light source, shiny surface is small, light is more concentrated, encapsulation on the standard LED bracket, high heat dissipation requirements; Particularly high requirements for sealing structure of three blast proof and LED lamps, LED lamps and lanterns, need through special processing, to ensure life. Post partial light source has the advantage of uniform respectively, irradiation area wide, according to the LED chip cooling requirements, convenient to expand the size of the aluminum plate, ensure the service life of LED light source; But the same power of light source, patch light source to dozens of times larger than the COB integrated light source dimension, so the appearance of lamps and lanterns is about to increase, especially are explosion-proof LED lamps and lanterns industry, the lamps and lanterns is relatively heavy, this to a lot of lamps and lanterns manufacturer manufacturing cost is put forward to the test, it is also the LED lamps and lanterns industry, especially in industrial and mining lamp use the COB light. COB light source technology has been provided, enterprises continuously improve processing technology, product quality can meet the use requirement. As people to further improve the quality of product consciousness, many manufacturers launched LED strips light source products, many users also began to choose the LED strips light source products. We now launch of BZD series explosion-proof LED lights at the same time compatible with the two kinds of light source, make our customers more convenient selection and installation. About these, at the time of purchase of LED lamps and lanterns is according to their own needs, to see their actual usage is to select a point light source or surface light source, have their own respective characteristics, suits own is the best.
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