LED lighting lamps and lanterns have what advantage

by:Mylight     2021-02-04
LED lamps and lanterns is widely used in various occasions of daily life, common on the market of lamps and lanterns and halogen lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, why consumers choose to use LED lamps and lanterns? What are the advantages of LED lamps and lanterns? 1. High luminous efficiency: fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is about 55 - 80 lm/W( Philips company T8 fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is 72 lm/W) , while LED luminous efficiency is more than 100 lm/W, and will improve in the future. The difference between the both now have nearly doubled. And later could reach more than 3 times. 2. High power efficiency because all other than incandescent lamps and lanterns is need to have special power supply, the efficiency of the power supply will affect the efficiency of the whole lamps and lanterns. The LED power efficiency is as high as 90%, usually a 18 w LED fluorescent lamp as long as the input power of 20 w. Power factor can reach 0. More than 9. Compared with the fluorescent lamp can save about half of the electricity, this means using a 18 watts of the LED fluorescent lamp can replace a 36 w fluorescent lamp. 3. Long life: a carefully designed life span of the LED fluorescent lamp is 50000 hours. And a fluorescent lamp life usually only 5000 hours. The two differ nearly 10 times. The best and only 10000 hours, long life of fluorescent lamp, the two also differ five times. 4. Do not contain mercury, no pollution. Fluorescent lamp contains hg. Fluorescent lamp contains 25 to 36 mm 26 mm (45 mg of mercury, T8) Contains 20 mg of mercury. And fragile glass fluorescent lamp is used as the enclosure, once the glass is broken, the mercury will soon will evaporate into the air, instantaneous can make the concentration of mercury in ambient air reached 10 - 20 mg/cubic meters, more than 1000 - stipulated by the state 2000 times. The mercury is a kind of very harmful to human body of toxic substances, mercury vapour reaches 0. 4 to 3 mg when chronic poisoning in 2 to 3 months, up to 1. 2 to 8. 5 mg will induce acute mercury poisoning, if the quantity is up to 20 mg, will directly lead to animal death. And 1 mg of mercury pollution is enough to 5454. 5 kg of drinking water, and make it reach drinking standard. And do not contain any toxic substances in the LED fluorescent lamp, is a completely green pollution-free illuminant. 5. Color temperature range, can provide almost any color temperature, but also can provide to any one color red, green and blue light. 6. High color rendering index, color rendering index of incandescent lamp is 95, fluorescent lamp is 65 - 80, whereas the LED fluorescent lamp could & gt; 80. 7. No uv radiation. 8. The glass products, not easy damaged, impact resistance, resistance to vibration. 9. The outer isolation power LED fluorescent lamp, lamp at both ends are not exposed to mains voltage, only less than 36 v dc safe voltage, there is no risk of electric shock, completely is a safe, lamps and lanterns.
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