LED lighting industry, those things!

by:Mylight     2021-02-02
LED industry growing competition, on the one hand, because of many other industries into, on the other hand is due to the LED industry competition between products, and is a traditional manufacturer of lamps and lanterns manufacturer and new LED stent competition, below is the guangdong products for you to share the LED industry benchmarking between those things! In terms of LED lights relatively conservative enterprises, and gradually involved electricity, fundraising, through its acquisition of mergers and acquisitions, strengthen engineering ability, set up r&d center, strengthen technology and channel in the downstream of the LED industry advantage, strengthen the upper and middle reaches of the industry chain integration, LED is given priority to with hardware stores and convenience stores, strengthening their own market with low prices of LED lamps and lanterns. The current rapid development of LED lights, the future mergers and acquisitions will be the norm, m&a can increase the complementation of the company, for the promotion of product research and development, the traditional enterprise because of its own contradictions energy-saving lamps products, realize the transformation through the integration of m&a is limited to only a few more advantages, promising but lack of funds LED street lamp manufacturers, have more advantages to achieve rapid transformation. As the global ban is white, the transformation of traditional enterprise, LED lights business general market in the future will have more advantages leds technology matures, LED lamp advantage benefit, according to the future prospect and huge space, LED lights have been mainly engineering channels to ordinary civil market and terminal market sales channels. Emerging LED lamp enterprises without the traditional burden, market layout soon, from upstream of the chip, encapsulation, downstream products application quickly laid network. And, it's now more and more use of traditional lamps and lanterns of the enterprises, factories, schools, faced with the need of energy saving reconstruction, which requires all manufacturers have the experience and technology. LED the market, will be more competitive, the traditional enterprises and new LED lights manufacturer in battle, new LED lamp manufacturers can be established through a new customers, but further listed need to scale, brand, channel, the accumulation of capital, in the face of r&d resources, the cultivation of the need to strengthen research and development, should strive to improve the LED lights in market share, increase sales of LED lights and income ratio, promote the use of domestic household product channel, develop channels and brand advantage. At the end of the day all the competition of technology and innovation are behind, those without the core technology, there is no innovation enterprise is destined to be eliminated, energy saving has become the social hot words now, so the led energy-saving aspects of enterprises should be developed to cater to the market!
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