LED lamps and lanterns, light failure reason and solution

by:Mylight     2021-02-06
LED light failure will seriously affect the use effect of the LED, while the LED's service life is long, but in the use of more than a certain amount of time, there will be light failure phenomenon, again a little bit long time, brightness will become dark, when the LED lamps and lanterns can shine but are not necessarily to be able to use, the manufacturer of energy-saving reform from the LED light failure causes and how to weaken the two aspects with detailed understanding of the LED light failure! 1. LED light failure LED light failure refers to the light LED over a period of time, the light intensity than the initial light intensity decreases, and cannot be restored, the lower part is called the LED light failure. At present our country has not set the definition and general standard of LED light failure. GB / T24823 - 2009 LED module performance requirements stipulated by the optic maintain rate is when the ignition point 3000 h, the optic maintain rate shall be not less than 92%. 2. LED light failure is light source parts more than limit of heat-resistant irreversible damage to the phenomenon, it is well known that leds could work after its intensity with temperature rising and falling chip, the photosynthetic efficiency decreases, this is a semiconductor with the temperature change of the inherent physical characteristics, as long as the light source parts shall not exceed the temperature limit and damage, LED to stop after the temperature dropped to the original numerical, its intensity will bounce back, that is to say the LED work no matter how long, repeated as long as the initial intensity constant cannot think droop, light failure is refers to the light source for long time working temperature more than limit numerical and light intensity on recovery is less than the initial numerical called droop, i. e. flux decline inevitable is the droop is true meaning. LED light failure is light source parts more than limit of heat-resistant irreversible damage phenomenon. 3. LED light source, light failure is the main reason of the colloid and heat-resistant enough chips ( Including phosphors) Inorganic material, the experiment proves that the chip and phosphor in the second and third baidu hot work in principle is not a problem. From light source system, the main cause of the LED light failure is colloid heat resistance is not enough, the best encapsulation adhesive and heat-resistant only more than one hundred degrees, the test proved that a 50 w integrated light source in big enough radiator gel temperature often as high as 200 degrees when the job, whether pouring sealant or PPA in high temperature for a long period of operation will inevitably cause colloid crack, carbonation, causing the droop and chip separation. 4. How to weaken the LED light source, LED light failure due to fever after multiple channel heat resistance, and high temperature radiator 迖 30 - More than 40 degrees, lower radiator heating, low temperature heat source under the condition of natural cooling heat dissipation efficiency is very low, thus increasing the working temperature of the heat exchanger, control in LED light source light failure does not occur after long work for the principle, which can effectively reduce the LED light failure. This kind of design thought, such not only can reduce the dosage of the radiator and cost, but also increase the working current of the chip bearing capacity, at the same time to reduce to prolong the service life of the LED light failure, is fully staffed design revolution. LED light failure problem at the end of the day or to heat dissipation problems due to the LED chips, it is not just the LED light failure problem, and the service life of the LED problem and so on and heat dissipation, so the stand or fall of lamps and lanterns of a judge is the first to see the LED heat dissipation problem can be effective to solve or ease, for heat dissipation, after all, in the industry is still a problem difficult to solve the problem!
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