LED lamps and lanterns is why aging?

by:Mylight     2021-02-07
In general, as a new energy LED energy-saving technology came into use in the early stages of will appear a certain degree of light, if we LED the material of the product itself is not good, or in the production operation is not standard, the product will appear dim light, flashing, fault, the phenomenon such as intermittent light, LED lamps and lanterns is not as expected as long service life. In order to prevent the LED quality problems, to control the welding quality of encapsulation invalidation, aging test for LED products, ensure the reliability of electronic products, this is the most essential step in the process of production, in the process of the aging temperature adaptability test, there are analog voltage area ( High, medium and low) Impact test and destructive test, and online monitoring drive power and product technology such as current, voltage change. Without aging process, can't guarantee product quality, always used in the early stage of failure, it will greatly the cost of the manufacturer. By comparison, the product in the market through professional before aging, ready for the inspection, has improved the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, and greatly increase the efficiency of the stability of the late, it yields significantly increase than the former. So, how LED products for aging. Generally USES the following two ways: first, constant current constant voltage ageing. Constant current aging is one of the most conforms to the LED current work characteristic, the use of simulation is normal circumstances LED lamps and lanterns, and then observe the quality of lamps and lanterns and light; Second, current shock aging. This is an aging method that is used by the manufacturers the latest by adjusting the frequency, adjust current to short time to judge the service life of the LED, LED products to detect hidden dangers. The above is the LED manufacturer will tell you why LED lamps and lanterns of aging. Introduced, everyone know? The hope can help you!
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