LED lamp manufacturer to tell you why the LED will replace incandescent lamp

by:Mylight     2021-02-05
We are all used incandescent lamp, power consumption, brightness difference, since CFLS out, completely changed our lives, how big is the energy-saving lamps, why will replace incandescent bulbs? Now with LED lamp manufacturer small make up to look at! A, the progress of the energy-saving lamp is incandescent lamp as is known to all, incandescent lamp is one of the most important invention, Edison this invention makes human from the darkness, in the light. Incandescent light bulbs, but consumes too much, it is probably less than one over ten of the energy is changed into light energy, other are all heat energy is wasted in vain. So people are trying to be in a new light source to replace incandescent lamp. The energy-saving lamp was born. Because it's cheap and good production, compared with other light source so they get a number of applications, has a tendency to gradually replace incandescent bulbs. 。 2 the luminous principle of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, the poles are ordinary tungsten filament. Tungsten wire electric heating, can emit electrons. Formed on both sides of the bulb and high voltage, electric field, the electrons will in tubes is accelerated, forming a certain speed and energy electron flow. , is being pumped into vacuum tubes filled with mercury inside, is what we called mercury. In the case of electric heating tubes, the mercury from liquid evaporation becomes a gas, mercury atoms form the free state. Electron flow of electrons in a certain velocity on the mercury atoms, the mercury atoms were stimulated, become excited state of ions. Called step happens, excited state after a short period of time of mercury is spontaneously fall back to its original state, at the same time release ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light cannot be used for. So we put some fluorescent material on the inner wall of the tube, under the bombardment of ultraviolet light, fluorescent material after being stimulated, can send out the good led lighting, can be used in the us. On the market is one of the more common energy-saving lamp tube has a general ordinary tricolor fluorescent tubes and gradually for the mainstream, compared with incandescent light bulb has the advantages of power saving. The difference is normal bulb color rendering on the low side, and three colors of the tubes is presented the natural sunlight, and on the color and light efficiency is more than the general ordinary lamp. From the above we can know, mercury is intermediary role in the energy-saving lamp tube, no mercury energy-saving lamps will not shine, mercury in each tube is very few. Three, 1 what are the advantages of LED lights. Energy conservation, the energy consumption of the white LED is only 1/8 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps of 1/2. 2. Live long, live up to 100000 hours for the average family is & quot; Once and for all & quot; 。 3. Can work at high speed, energy-saving lamps, if frequent start or shut off the filament broken will be dark soon. 4. Solid-state encapsulation, belongs to the type of cold light source, so it is very easy to transport and install the LED lamp can be in any tiny and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically don't have to consider heat dissipation. 5. LED technology is in progress with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is astonishing breakthrough, the price has been reduced. A white LED into the family is rapidly coming of age. That is about LED lamp manufacturer to tell you why the LED will replace incandescent bulbs related are introduced, everyone know? The hope can help you!
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