LED lamp lighting in furniture design of how to use?

by:Mylight     2021-02-13
A lot of consumers for the LED lamp is not very understanding, so should shoot the lamp to use in what place? Decorate in the family when choosing lamps and lanterns, often will shoot the lamp to be used by mistake when canister light. Such as the lamp as a bathroom lens headlight, partial light etc. First of all, shoot the price is more expensive, and its high fever and use it as a normal is not affordable. In addition, as a key to use shoot the lamp to be used for local brightness is obviously too high, make indoor light transition become stiff. In this special remind consumers pay attention to, because the lamp installation is easy and convenient than canister light many, some decoration company construction personnel suggest install lamp instead of tube light, it is very irresponsible, consumers must pay attention to. First: to shoot the lamp to be installed in the line that play a base, neither take up the family's other position, and can reach the effect of the beautiful, will shoot the lamp to open the line that play a base, felt herself stage lights, very beautiful, still can foil atmosphere. Second: condole top is the top of household, shoot the light must be under the ceiling, generally around condole top installation to shoot the light, the light, can give a person a sense of floating, is a dream, if at the top of the wall set a row of stealth to shoot the light, there will be a stretch of the distance between the walls and ceiling feeling, have the effect of higher space, so that we can make the whole of the domestic outfit more space. Third: bathroom light light is dark, if before and will shoot the light in the bathroom mirror, can make whole space looks capacious and bright, the design of the built-in outside can't see the light, but large enough light make washing area very bright. There is inside shoot the lamp to be built into the bathroom mirror, form the diffuse reflection, is the whole people feel soft, in the mirror is clear, the effect is very good. The lamps and lanterns of shoot the light is a highly concentrated, the light have the function of the may designate a specific goal, mainly for the special, such as to emphasize a very tasty and very interesting place, in addition to use in the sitting room, a lot of jewelry store, jewelry shop will be adopted. Tube light is more concentrated than ordinary with the lamps and lanterns of a lamps and lanterns, mostly used for ordinary or auxiliary. Household led lighting design is very important, both headlamps and small lights, don't be careless! Only the reasonable collocation of lamps and lanterns, create a comfortable feeling, to the user the physical and mental relaxation, the household design is perfect!
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