LED lamp, lamp cup is broken is not bright, flashing?

by:Mylight     2021-02-13
Now many people home at the time of installation of lamps and lanterns, except for the lamps and lanterns of, also can install some shoot the light, such as the installation on the TV wall of condole top of shoot the light, so if these shoots the light bulb is broken, LED to shoot the light is broken is not bright, flashing? ? Actually shoot the light bulb replacement is not difficult, as long as it is to find the right way, then it is very simple to will shoot the light bulb replacement, also don't have to please the professional teacher to fix, costly and time consuming. First of all, we will shoot the light switch, ensure the safety when the replacement, and then with a flat head screwdriver to pry up the outer ring, the whole lamp can be removed, light bulbs, advanced side at an Angle, bulldozed after the whole lamp. Down the lamp for the sale of factory after-sales service, general LED product warranty is at least more than two years. 3 w MR16 LED for problem analysis: 12V( Voltage input) Shoot the light and switch power supply, 12V/2. 5A) , each with 6 ~ 8 PCS switch power supply range to shoot the light, but after six months, there are several groups of LED lamp, flicker phenomenon, sometimes, all of the switch power supply is hot ( More than 60 degrees) , switch power placed on flowering, ventilated also can also, in the test voltage, current, output and input works, in the LED flashing, switching power supply output current. May cause analysis: low voltage LED lamp is refers to the driver installation in M16, M11 lights cup, connect directly to the application of lamps and lanterns on the halogen lamp electronic transformer. Because of the electronic transformer is designed for halogen lamp, not suitable for used as LED drive power supply, when three leds in series in the halogen transformer, there is some not bright, low-frequency flicker two questions. The rated voltage is 12 v low voltage halogen lamp, in order to prolong the service life of halogen lamp, electronic transformer output voltage intentionally designed to be slightly lower than the rated voltage of the halogen lamp, generally is 11. 3 ~ 11. 5V。 Conventional low voltage LED driver is Buck structure, need at least 0 in normal working conditions. 3 v differential pressure, namely VBuck = 0. 3V。 If the LED forward voltage of PN junction is 3. 4 v, three LED the sum of the forward voltage of VF = 10. 2V。 Schottky bridge pressure drop about 1 v, namely the VD = 1 v. When the input voltage VIN - ( VD + VF) < VBuck driver can't work normally, when the LED is not bright. As shown in figure 1 three LED by Buck drive after 11 in the output voltage. 3 v electronic transformer, drives only 10 v, output voltage is less than 3 LED series conduction voltage, so the LED doesn't light. Shoot the lamp to how to choose: shoot the two points of low voltage, high pressure, consumers had better choose low voltage lamp, its long service life, high light efficiency. Shoot the photosynthetic efficiency high and low to power factor, power factor, the greater the photosynthetic efficiency, the better, the power factor of ordinary lamp at 0. Five or so, the price is cheap, high quality lamp power factor can reach 0. In 99, the price is more expensive. Shoot the lamp to be generally used for decoration on the strengthening of general is embedded in the ceiling or wall, shoot the lamp to work generally have a higher temperature, so be sure to buy the high quality product, otherwise there will be a security risk. When you shoot the lamp to use transformer use collocation, lamp bead also should choose good quality, or shoot the lamp bead, it's easy to bad, think about it, the shoot the light in the ceiling lamp bead, change rise but quite a trouble. And shoot the light quality on the market at present the good and bad are intermingled, it is hard to distinguish good or bad to the naked eye, so to buy lamp had better choose the brand products, and select the high quality match the transformer.
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