Led lamp is how to provide high-quality lighting light environment in the classroom

by:Mylight     2020-11-29
National health committee on June 5, 2020, issued the first 'Chinese eye health white paper' data shows that: the overall incidence of China's children myopia to 53. The overall incidence of 6%, college students by more than 90%. At present, the problem of juvenile myopia, has always been important to conquer the fortress education level, more become parents heart wipe not to pain. Under the condition of current medical technology, myopia cannot be cured. So we should change the concept of 'heavy light cure prevent, from prevention to protect students' eyesight, say no to myopia! As a student learning and school environment, first should from the classroom environment of light, use in the classroom light environment with high quality according to the national standard - — The classroom light environment quality is the first standard units, for the teachers and students to create a green, healthy and eye classroom light environment. As campus health driving light, design the led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom in primary and middle schools in the regular classroom install hygienic requirements for design, the color temperature in education, glare, blue light, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, and has the following advantages: no stroboscopic, no stroboscopic and blue light blue harm is the two killers of vision health, not only may cause headache, insomnia, and so on and so forth, are likely to cause eye fatigue, macular degeneration and so on. Choose the production of led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom no stroboscopic, no harm of blue light, the light is downy and bright, protecting eyesight! Anti glare design color temperature comfortable production of led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom light dish USES grating anti glare design, the whole lamp anti-dazzle value & lt; 16, assure the light is downy, not dazzling, it does not hurt the eye; Color temperature is 5000 k, reduce eye fatigue caused by led lighting. Uniform illumination high color rendering index production led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye eye classroom is superior to the average illuminance value of national standard desk 300 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7. The average illuminance value 500 lx, illuminance is superior to the blackboard evenness 0. 8; Can the whole classroom illumination uniformity, color rendering index as high as 95, high color reducibility, visual effect is natural. Above is the 'classroom the lamp that shield an eye is how to provide high quality light environment for classroom' in detail, and hope to help you!
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