Led lamp bead form of two series

by:Mylight     2021-01-27
If you want to choose a suitable and high quality led lamps and lanterns, the led to have a simple understanding, as the saying goes, the fittest argument, lamps and lanterns of choose and buy is the same, only know the lamps and lanterns can choose suitable, high quality lamps and lanterns, here is the guangdong benchmarking products for you to share the led lamp bead series connection way is introduced. ( 1) In series form in series connection to the LED lamp bead end to end, LED work flow of current is equal. For the same - Specifications and batch of LED lamp bead, though, a single LED lamp bead voltage may have tiny differences, but due to the LED lamp bead is current type device, so can guarantee their luminous intensity is consistent, therefore, in the form of simple series LED lamp bead is has the characteristics of simple circuit, convenient connection. Due to adopt in series form, however, when one of them is LED lamp bead open-circuit fault occurs, will cause the entire LED twinkle light extinguished, affect the reliability of the use. ( 2) Parallel zener diodes in series form of each LED a zener diode in parallel form of modified in series connection. In this connection, the breakdown voltage of each zener diode are higher than the working voltage of the LED. In LED normal work, because the zener diode VD1 ~ VDn, conduction, main electric current flows through each LED, when the LED string is caused by the damaged LED lamp series, when open because VD1 ~ VDn conduction, in addition to faulty leds, other still have current through the LED light. This kind of connection mode compared with simple form in series in reliability is greatly improved. The connecting way of LED lamp bead, also can indirectly affect the use of the LED lamps and lanterns of overall, so for the connection forms of LED lamps and lanterns also want to have a certain understanding!
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