LED interior lighting design, pay attention to the problem

by:Mylight     2021-02-13
LED interior design also is very important, a good interior design can benefit us in every aspect, so at the time of the LED interior design, want to consider a variety of problems, each part should match is reasonable, so as to play the biggest advantage of leds. Function: what kind of activities within the people in the space? Visual task: what do you most want to let people see? Object: what do you most want to let people see? Architecture: what worth highlighting? Furniture: people will sit? Or stand in where? Mood: people are longing for what the atmosphere? The need for change? Style: is there anything should go together? The key & ndash; — Light special area will focus on additional light projection to the selected object and surface, resulting in the extra attention. Key can catch a person eyeball, provide dramatic effect, arouse people's interest and to add stimulus. Just like to say: hey, look here! Operation & ndash; — Light face homework is illuminated area of our work: such as reading, writing, preparing food, laundry, games, or interests. Reading and writing general need from shoulder or side provide sufficient and diffuse light. For kitchen and interests activities, a beam of concentrated light from above is usually the best effect. Where is the lamps and lanterns is placed a key element is the place where the lamps and lanterns. This is especially important for curtain to avoid glare and light reflection. It is also stressed or weaken the surface texture of a decisive factor. In order to make a decision to consider: light distribution requirements ( Light distribution is required) ; Color rendering. Color temperature; Maintenance costs; To obtain the required light distribution is related to the light source, is also associated with lamps and lanterns, because not only for the light source of lamps and lanterns to provide fixed installation support, also to distribution of light emitted by the light cast on the target area, the accurate and properly covered to avoid making it a dazzling light. According to the objective environment, key or homework, the light distribution range covers from the point of view to narrow Angle, from diffusing to gather. As a general rule, fluorescent lamp is best suited for the place that need wide light with the light; Low-voltage halogen tungsten lamp and LED is the most suitable for the need to narrow light with the light. In LED design process, must complete the above points can make integral effect to achieve optimal!
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