LED eye classroom light with long after what was the reason for the bright enough

by:Mylight     2021-02-11
Eye classroom light of good will directly affect the students' vision, some schools will react to the classroom lights used long light will not enough, in fact this is not quality issue, when these problems, you check the classroom light that shield an eye is about to begin, to handle in time. So, what is the cause of the light is not on? As to know about the together! 1. Light use for a long time can cause eye classroom once again good lamp dimming quality use time is too long, a lot of parts loss degree will be more and more big, thus provided the effect will be reduced. 2. Current deficiencies can lead to eye lamp to reduce the effect of classroom once the power supply voltage instability will cause the lights dimmed. In addition, the grid voltage change can also affect the brightness of the light. Is the peak in the evening, for example, power grid load is higher, at this time, through the wire current is relatively large. Then, according to the ohm's law, U = IR, the consumption of the wire voltage is bigger, so assigned to the modulation of the voltage of electrical equipment will also reduce, lead to darken. 3. Dust accumulation and influence the classroom light the effect of light that shield an eye use over time, dirt after accumulate over a long period will be more and more, which cover, influence the effect of the lamp, led light through the spread of dust after weak, which result in the phenomenon of brightness is not enough. So when found the classroom the brightness of the lamp that shield an eye is not enough, too thick and see if it is caused by dust, if is caused by dust brightness can be enough for cleaning, to restore the brightness of the light. But if the results from internal components ageing, small make up recommend be replaced in time, avoid the heavy loss caused by light damage. The above is the 'LED eye classroom light with long enough what is the cause of the light' in detail, hope to help you!
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